Progressive Movement How does ga manage to end reconstruction? Cv 240 {2}

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Progressive Movement

1. How does GA manage to end reconstruction? CV 240 {2}

2. What is the belief of GA Democrats attempting to come from under “Reconstruction”? CV 241 {1}

3. In GA’s Constitution of 1877 the term of office for the Gov. and State Senator was reduced from 4 yrs. to 2. Justify. CV 241

4. What is the main objective of the Bourbon Triumvirate? Sketch their plan and indicate relevance to GA. CV 241-3

5. How do GA Democrats reinforce white political supremacy? CV 246-9

6. What was Henry Grady’s message to the South? Blk. 318-20

7. How does the International Cotton Exposition impact the South-politically, economically, and socially? Blk 360

8. Analyze the beliefs and impact of Booker T. Washington. CV 267 & Cloud

9. Analyze the beliefs and impact of W.E.B. DuBois. CV 268 & Cloud

10. What is the small farmers’ viewpoint for the Bourbon Triumvirate’s plan for GA? CV 243

11. Identify Rebecca Latimore Felton and her viewpoints on Farmer’s Alliance CV 243, Prison Reform 252, and women’s right to vote 255.

12. Identify Populists and message thereof.

13. List and explain efforts t support and help everyday Georgians. CV 243-246

a. Farmer’s Alliance

b. RFD

14. Explain how Plessy vs. Ferguson reinforced a “legal” secondary citizen status for African Americans. CV 249

14. Can separate be equal? Justify CV 245

15. Explain strengths and weakness of the child labor law of 1906 and the compulsory school attendance law of 1916 in improving the lives of working children? CV 252

16. Describe the impact a county unit had on GA versus the state unit in the late 1800s and early 1900s. CV 253 (margin)


17. 18th amendment

18. 19th amendment

19. suffrage

20. GA reconstruction

21. populists

22. county

23. white primary

24. franchise

25. primary election

26. Progressives

27. prohibition

28. segregation

29. Jim Crow Law

30. grandfather clause

31. literacy test

32. disenfranchisement

33. general election

34. white supremacy

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