Progressive Era Study Guide

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Progressive Era

Study Guide

  • 16th Amendment

  • 17th Amendment

  • 18th Amendment

  • 19th Amendment

  • Alice Paul and Women’s Right to Vote

  • Suffragism and the Women’s Rights Movement

  • Conservation vs. Preservation of Environment

  • Election of 1912

  • Federal Reserve System

  • Federal Trade Commission

  • Jacob Riis & How the Other Half Lives

  • Muckrakers

  • Northern Securities

  • Populism vs. Progressivism

  • Presidency: Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson

  • Prohibition

  • Recall, Initiative, Referendum

  • Roosevelt’s “Square Deal”

  • Security & Exchange Commission

  • Temperance Movement (Temperance vs. Prohibition)

  • Women’s Christian Temperance Union

  • Settlement Houses

  • Trust Busting

  • Upton Sinclair & The Jungle

  • William McKinley’s assassination

  • Wilson’s ”New Freedom”

  • Good Trust/Bad Trust

  • Populism & Socialism’s influence on Progressivism

  • Laissez Faire Capitalism and Progressivism

  • -What conditions gave rise to Progressivism?

  • Both How the Other Half Lives, published in 1890, and the Jungle, published in 1906 caused radical changes in the United States. Compare the impact of the events and consider which of the two had a more profound impact on America. Be prepared to explain your position.

  • Is government the proper agent for reforming social problems? Why/why not? Use numerous specific examples to support your ideas.

  • How did Progressive reformers understand their role as citizens? Use evidence to support your answer.

Download 15.76 Kb.

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