Programme february – June 2009 Feb 6 opening night party

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Screenings on first and third Fridays as 8.00pm

Yearly Membership $50 single, $75.00 double
PROGRAMME February – June 2009
Feb 6 OPENING NIGHT PARTY followed by films on Australian art, poetry and music:

The Antipodean Painters: Seven Contemporary Australian Painters (Tim Burstall Aust 1969 b&w 29min)

At “Edge” with Judith Wright (Dir: Solrun Hoass Aust 1981 21 min colour)

Australian Colour Diary, No.37: Country Jazz (Dir: Robert Kingsbury Aust 1971 12 mins colour)

The ‘Antipodeans’ were a group of painters who were opposed to non-figurative painting. They re-asserted the need for recognizable images and the importance of subject matter and feeling. This is followed by a documentary on the poet Judith Wright and her relationship to the environment in which she lives. To finish, a film on the 25th Australian Jazz Convention in Dubbo, N.S.W.

Feb 20 MARKED WOMAN (Dir: Lloyd Bacon USA 1937 97 min colour Warner Bros)

Made to capitalize on the sensational 1936 trial of Lucky Luciano, this is an unusual gangster melodrama in

that it is told from the heroine's point-of-view. Bette Davis stars with Humphrey Bogart as a crusading D.A.
Mar 6 LUCKY LUCIANO (Dir: Francesco Rosi Italy 1973 98 min colour)

To combat communism, the U.S. government collaborated with Mafiosi after the Sicily landings in 1943.

Exploring the truth behind the Luciano legend, Rosi suggests that legal and illegal power go hand-in-hand
Mar 20 THE SIEGE OF PINCHGUT (Dir: Harry Watt UK 1959 104 min b&w Ealing Studios)

A man escapes from prison with the intention of proving his innocence. With three accomplices he lands at

Fort Denison (Pinchgut). The final Ealing production was filmed on location in Sydney, with Aldo Ray
Apr 3 FOOTLIGHT PARADE (Dir: Lloyd Bacon, Busby Berkeley USA 1933 103 min Warner Bros)

A theatrical producer, finding his business affected by the advent of the movie musical, tries to revive his flagging fortunes. Surrealistic Busby Berkeley numbers enhance this embodiment of the New Deal spirit.

Apr 17 WILD STRAWBERRIES (Dir: Ingmar Bergman 1957 90 min b&w Svensk Filmindustri)

An aged professor makes a journey to collect a university award and en route relives his past. Hauntingly beautiful film which has been compared thematically with King Lear, and in structure with a Bach fugue.

May 1 SALESMAN (Dir: David and Albert Maysles USA 1968 91 min b&w Maysles Film Inc)

This cinema-verité study of door-to-door Bible salesmen raises important questions about the relationship

between fictional and actuality filmmaking. Landmark documentary by two masters of the genre.
May 15 YAABA (Dir: Idrissa Ouedraogo Burkina Faso 1989 90 min colour)

The friendship between two young children and an elderly woman - an outcast of the village, who is blamed for all of her community’s misfortunes. Simply observed drama with mythic overtones.

Jun 5 THE HORSE’S MOUTH (Dir: Ronald Neame UK 1958 95 min colour Knightsbridge Productions)

This portrayal of the modern artist as a self-destructive, disreputable genius is adapted from Joyce Cary's

novel, and based on his friend, Dylan Thomas. Starring Alec Guinness, who also wrote the screenplay.
Jun 19 Please Note: No screening during the Sydney Film Festival.
All films are from the National Film & Sound Archive in Canberra.

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