Programme 4th European Feminist Research Conference Body Gender Subjectivity

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4th European Feminist Research Conference
Body Gender Subjectivity

Crossing Disciplinary and Institutional Borders
Bologna September 28th - October 1st 2000

Supported by

Associazione Orlando - Italian Women’s Library (Organiser)

ATHENA - European Thematic Network, Socrates Programme (Co-Organiser)

AOIFE -Association of Institutions for Feminist Research and Education in Europe

Bologna European City of Culture 2000

The European Commission, DG XII, Human Potential Programme,

High-Level Scientific Conferences, HPCF-CT-1999-00207

Bologna University

Utrecht University

Scientific Committee

Conference Organiser: Dr. Annamaria Tagliavini (Italian Women’s Library - Associazione Orlando, Bologna, IT)

Conference Organiser: Prof. Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University, NL)

Dr. Elda Guerra (Associazione Orlando, IT)

Prof. Harriet Silius (AOIFE, EU)

Prof. Anna Rossi-Doria, Prof. Vita Fortunati (University of Bologna, IT)

Prof. Michelle Perrot (Honorary External Member, F)

Advisory Board

Prof. Luisa Passerini, Chair, European University Institute, Florence, IT

Dr. Maria Stratigaki, Research Center of Gender Equality, Athens, GR

Dr. Miglena Nikolchina, University of Sofia, BG

Prof. Govind Kelkar, Asian Institute of Technology, T

Prof. Ute Gerhard, University of Frankfurt, D

Prof. Linda Basch and Prof. Miriam Chamberlain, National Council for Research for Women, New York, USA

Prof. Susan Magarey, University of Adelaide, AUS

Council of AOIFE


Thursday 28th September

5 p.m. - 7p.m.


Palazzo dei Notai, via de’ Pignattari 1

Friday 29th September

with webcasting connection with outside the EU

Aula Magna di S. Lucia, via Castiglione 36


9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
Official Welcome

Prof. Vera Negri Zamagni, Vice President of the Regional Government of Emilia Romagna

Mrs. Paola Bottoni, Province Councellor for Equal Opportunity

Mrs. Marina Deserti, Bologna City Councellor for Culture

Prof. Walter Tega, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Bologna
Official Presentation

Dr. Annamaria Tagliavini (Director, Italian Women’s Library - Associazione Orlando, Organiser)


10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Chair: Dr. Annamaria Tagliavini
Keynote speaker:

Prof. Joan Scott (Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA), Gender: Again

Respondant: Prof. Karin Widerberg (University of Oslo, N)
Keynote speaker:

Prof. Svetlana Slapsak (University of Ljubljana, SLO), Historic Bodies, Historicity of the Body

Respondant: Prof. Serena Sapegno (University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, IT)

1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Official Lunch for all participants

Palazzo Ratta, via Castiglione 24


3 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Chair: Dr Berteke Waaldyk (Utrecht University, NL)
Keynote speaker:

Prof. Donna Haraway (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA), Alpha Bitches Online: the Dog Genome for the Next Genderation

Respondant: Dr. Jackie Stacey (University of Lancaster, UK)

Keynote speaker:

Prof: Rosi Braidotti (University of Utrecht, NL), Between the No Longer and the Not Yet: Nomadic Variations on the Body

Respondant: Soundlab Cultural Alchemy (USA)

6p.m.-6.30 p.m.

Virtual On-line Response

The University of California at Santa Barbara

Prof. Constance Penley, Dr. Anna Everett, Dr. Lisa Parks

Facilitated by ServerDonne, Fabiana Terenzi and Ingrid Hoofd.

6. 30 p.m.

Aula Magna

Publishers’ Cocktail

With compliments from

Sage publications, Zed Books, Routledge, Central European University Press, Edinburgh University Press, The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, Feltrinelli,

Collana Astrea-Giunti

7 p.m.

European Women’s Studies Institutional Forum

(ATHENA Advisory Board and other experts)

Sala dei Notai, via de’ Pignattari 1

Coordinators: Ms Christine Michel (Swiss Research Council, CH) and Ms Marja Sorsa (Ministry of Education, FIN)

Chair: Dr. Gabriele Griffin (ATHENA Network)

Prof. Laura Balbo (University of Ferrara, IT), A Report from Italy

Dr. Nicole Dewandre (European Commission, Bruxelles, B), Women and Science at the European Commission

Prof. Susan Magarey and Prof. Sue Sheridan (University of Adelaide, AUS), Local, Global and Regional: Women’s Studies in Australia

Ms Marja Sorsa, Improving the Science Career for Women
Aims: to present and discuss some of the cases of ‘best practice’ in the management and the administration of women’s studies research and training programmes in different European countries. The reference point is double: on the one hand the work of the Advisory Board of experts in women’s studies of the ATHENA network. On the other hand the work accomplished by the former Minister for Equal Opportunities of the host country of the conference, Italy.

Saturday 30th September

9 a.m. - 1p.m.; 3p.m. - 6 p.m.

History Department, piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2

Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5

Workshop 1

Writing the self: facts and fictions

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 9)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Andrea Peto (Central European University, HU)

Junior Coordinator: Ms Sarah Bracke (University of Utrecht, NL)
Session 1
Invited Speakers:

Dr. Ela Hornung (University of Wien, A), Fiction and Truth

Dr. Andrea Peto , Naming and Forgetting

M. Gabriella Di Giacomo (IT), Elisabetta Caminer Turra and the «Giornale Enciclopedico» in Venice: Gender consciousness and Enlightenment between Periodical Literature and Letters

Kristin Mattson (FIN), Text of Identities: Life Stories of Swedish-speaking Women in Finland

Patricia Mercader (F), Transgression et conformisme: les autobiographies des transsexuels

Efterpi Mitsi (GR), Roving Englishwomen in Greece: Gendering Travel Writing

Maria Pini (AUS), Girls on Film: Video Diaries as ‘Auto-ethnographies’

Hanna Serkowska (PL), The Text is a Fabric, the Author is a Weaver. A Reading of M. Morazzoni’s «L’invenzione della verità»

Session 2

Invited Speakers:

Ms Sarah Bracke, The Self - from Restoration to Annihilation - Looking at Accounts of Young Women in the Catholic Movement Comunione e Liberazione

Prof. Liz Stanley (University of Manchester, UK), Mourning Becomes…: the Spaces between Lives Lived and Lives Written


Nadejda Alexandrova (HU), Recalling Names, Recasting Presence: The Function of the Autobiographical Narrative in Vera Figner and Dimitrana Ivanova’s Memoirs

Caroline Arni (CH), A Melancholic Song. Narratives of Marital Break-up and Construction of Identity (Switzerland, early 20th century)

Mary Evans (UK), Auto/biographical Presentation of the Self

Anu Hirsiaho (FIN), Giving up the Company of Women: the Chilhood Memories of «Zanana» in Pakistani women’s autobiographical texts

Ingrid Holmquist (S), From «Fittstim» to an «Archipelago of Cool Women»

Roberta Mullini (IT), Tradition and Innovation in the Paston Women’s «Ego-documents»

Katia Tenenbaum (IT), Feminine Subjectivity between Individuality and Belonging

Workshop 2

Gender in the Society of Spectacles: Media and Representation

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 5)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Anneke Smelik (University of Nijmegen, NL)

Junior Coordinator: Ms Minna Aslama (University of Helsinki, FIN)
Session 1: Representation
Invited Speakers:

Ms Maria Klonaris and Ms Katerina Thomadaki (Audiovisual Art Astarti, Paris, F), Inter-sexuality and Inter-media

Prof. Sue Thornham (University of Sunderland, UK), A Thief in the Night: Feminism and Cultural Studies


Rosemary Betterton (UK), Prima Gravida: Reconfiguring the Maternal Body in Representation

Mariarosy Calleri (USA), A Woman’s Journey - «Uncovering» and «L’isola Sommersa - Hidden Island»Ttwo Films

Enrica Capussotti (IT), Women’s Bodies between the Cinema Screen and Practices of Vision

Giovanna Grignaffini (IT), The Model of the Girl in Italian Cinema of the 1940’s and 50’s

Maggie Humm (UK), Bodies, Photography, Memory: Virginia Woolf’s «Three Guineas»

Francesca Molfino (IT), Cinema: Mimicry and Repetition

Liina Puustinen (FIN), Gendered Excess: Representation of a Legend and Today’s Feminity in ‘The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Session 2: Spectacles
Invited Speakers:

Dr. Patricia MacCormack (Monash University, Melbourne, AUS), Faciality: Stamping in Anti-Corporeality

Dr. Anneke Smelik, The Flight from the Flesh - Virtual Reality in Science Fiction Films
Participants :

Minna Aslama (FIN), Screening Gender: From Theory to Praxis - An account of a Project on Gender Portrayal for European Media Professionals

Saveria Capecchi and Cristina De Maria (IT), Gender Representation in the News

Tina Chanter (UK/USA), Viewing Abjection: Film and Social Justice

Anna D’Elia (IT), Self and other in Photography

Vegard Iglebaek (UK), Homoeroticism or Male Intimacy? A Case Study of Joey and Chandler in ‘Friends’

Leena Maija Rossi (FIN), Masculine Women - Viable Forms of Media Representation? Options for Gender Transitivity in Finnish Television Commercials

Marta Ortega & M.Solsona i Pairo (E), Telenovelas and Demography. First Thoughts on the Representation of Family Changes in Poble Nou

Sofie van Bauwel (B), Change is Virtue: Gender-bending, Power and Popular Culture

Workshop 3

Feminist and Gender Theories: Re-figuring the Subject

(Panel 1, ATHENA Socrates Network)

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 7)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Gabriele Griffin (University of Kingston, UK)

Junior Coordinator: Dr. Eva Bahovec (University of Ljubljana, SLO)
Session 1
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Liana Borghi (University of Florence, IT), From Gradiva to the Flâneuse: Figurations of Hyperspace

Prof. Diane Richardson (University of Newcastle,UK), Claiming Citizenship? Sexuality, Citizenship and Feminism


Carme Adán and M. Xosè Agra (E), Feminist Epistemology without Knowing Subject?

Mariana Szapuova (SK), An Epistemology of Gender or Genders: a Tool of Analysis

Britt-Marie Thuren (S), On Force, Scope, Hierarchy. Concepts and Questions for a Cross-cultural Theorization of Gender
Session 2
Invited speakers:

Prof. Vicki Robinson (University of Manchester UK), A Place at the Table? The Re-figuring of Feminist Thought in Contemporary Masculinity Theory

Elspeth Probyn (AUS), Eating Disgust, Feeding Shame


Maria Cristina Barducci e Caterina Arcidiacono (IT), Female Subjectivity and Junghian Psychology

Sophia Elliot Connell (UK), Feminism and Evolutionary Psychology

Rosalyn Diprose (AUS), Here I Am by the Grace of the Other and Feminism is in Disgrace

Bianca Rosa Gelli, AlessandroTaurino, Terri Mannarini (IT), The Transmission of Culture and Women’s Universe

Stevi Jackson and Sue Scott (UK), Faking like a Woman: towards an Interpretative Theorization of Female Pleasure

Kirsti Lempiainen (FIN), Whatever Happened to Sexual Difference? One Story of Genderless Gender in the Context of Being Finnish

Elina Oinas (FIN), Blood and Praxis: Feminism and Everyday Body Politics

Elena Pulcini (IT), Subjects of the Gift, Passion for the Gift and Female Identity

Raylene Ramsay (NZ), Does Difference Make a Difference? French Women in Politics: Writing Power

Workshop 4

The Search for New Paradigms and Epistemological Models: Gender and Science

(Sponsored by European Commission, DG XII, Human Potential Programme; Co-sponsored by the research project «Cyborgs and cyberspace», The FREJA-programme of the Danish Research Council)

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Aula Lugli)
Senior Coordinator: Prof. Nina Lykke (University of Linkoeping, S)

Junior Coordinator: Ms. Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (Free University of Bruxelles, B)
Session 1: Epistemological Issues and Knowledge Politics

Invited Speakers:

Ms Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Feminist Knowledge Politics in Situated Zones. A Different His/tory of Knowledge Construction

Prof. Hilary Rose (London University UK), Colonising the Social Sciences?


Alessandra Allegrini (IT) ), The ‘Naturalism Question’. How to Re-think the ‘Analytic-continental’ Dichotomy from a Feminist Epistemological Perspective

Cecilia Asberg ( S), Plotting Genes: A Feminist Cultural Study of Popular Science and Articulations of Nature as Genes in the Story-line of Evolution

Clare Hemmings (UK), A Feminist Methodology of the Persona - Bisexual Experience and Feminist Post-structuralist Epistemology

Renee Hoogland (NL), The Matter of Culture: Embodied Subjectivity and/as Aesthetic Production

Sofie Redelé (B), Gender and Architecture: the Dis-orientation of the Body

Martha Rosenberg (RA), Linking Abortion to Sexuality, Desire and Subjectivity

Jaana Saarinen (FIN), The Knower, Knowing and the Knowledge: Interpreting Narratives of Women Researchers

Flavia Zucco (IT), A Room for Women in Science

Session 2: Embodied Subjectivity

Invited Speakers:

Nina Lykke, Are Cyborgs Queer? Biological Determinism and Feminist Theory in the Age of New Reproductive Technologies and Reprogenetics

Sarah Franklin (University of Lancaster, UK), Dolly’s Body


Josephine Brain (UK), Anorexia as a Subversive Bodily Act, Psychic Incorporation or Body Narratives of the Self?

Mette Bryld (DK), Cyborg Babies and Cybergods: The Baby Maker’s New Origin Stories

Robyn Ferrel (AUS), Reproducing Technology

Bojana Kunst (SLO), The Presence of the Body between the Organic and the Technological

Maili Malin (FIN), Good, Bad and Troublesome: Infertility Physicians’ Perceptions of their Patients

Lie Merete (N), Gender in the Image of Technology

Alejandra Moreno (S), The Literary Deconstruction of Eating Disorders

Franca Pizzini (IT), The Medicalization of Women’s Body

Workshop 5

Lara Croft and her Sisters: Language, Communication and the new ICT

(Panel 2, ATHENA Network, Socrates programme)

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 2)
Senior Coordinator: Prof. Patrizia Violi (University of Bologna, IT)

Junior Coordinator: Ms Mischa Peters (University of Utrecht, NL)
Invited Speakers:

Dr. Irina Aristarkhova (University of Moscow, RUS), Cyberspace: Re-thinking the Matrix

Dr. Giovanna Braidotti (University of Rotterdam, NL), In-formed Matter

Prof. Magda Michielsens (University of Antwerp, B), Home, Sweet Home: Traditional Metaphors for a Virtual World

Ms Mischa Peters, Mapping the Body in Cyberpunk Literature and in Science
Participants :

Moses Boudourides and Evangelia Drakou (GR), Gender @ Cyberspace

Patrizia Calefato (IT), Forward

Giovanna Cosenza (IT), A Female-oriented Style of E-mail Communications

Cristina Demaria and Antonella Mascio (IT), Little Women Grow Up

Laura Fantone (IT), Final Fantasies: Virtual Women Bodies / Interacting and Inner-acting

Manuela Manera (IT), Gender Categories in the New Technologies: a Research into Word’s Thesaurus

Chiara Mellini, Maria Petrelli Campagnano (Gruppo Telematico Cooperativa delle Donne di Firenze, IT), The Imaginary, Language and Real Life with Relation to the New ICT’s.

Lotte Nyboe (DK), Cyborg-discourse: the Incorporation of the Female Body in Language

Virpi Oksman (FIN), Gender Identity and New Media Culture

Babette Pouwels and Anneke Spijker (NL), The Use of Computers and ICT’s in Family-life

Christina Schachtner (D), Hybrid Life in the World of Computer - Assaults upon the Gender System

Sonja Spee (B), Her-stories on the Net: the Women in the City

Angela Thomas (AUS), Girls and Computer Games

Marzia Vaccari (IT), ServerDonne: a Political Project between ICT and Women’s Libraries: the Quest for a Public Space

Workshop 6

Feminist Politics: Assessing Thirty Years of Mixed Gains

(History Department, piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, Room Giorgio Gualandi)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Raffaella Lamberti (Orlando Association, Bologna, IT)

Junior Coordinator: Dr. Fernanda Minuz (Orlando Association, Bologna, IT)
Session 1: Feminist Political Practices
Invited Speakers:

Dr. Raffaella Lamberti , A Women’s Public Space in Friendship

Dr. Maria Stratigaki (Gender Equality Center, Athens, GR), Between Reconciliation and Mainstreaming the Gender Dimension in Policy Making at European Level


Franca Bimbi (IT), Ways and Modes of Accountability for Women Politics. Political Representation between Freedom and Responsability

Lucia Diaz Ronner and Tereza Azcarate (RA), Current Challenges and Drawbacks of Feminism: a view from Argentina

Nadia Gambilongo (IT), The Women International Association for Communication MEDiterranea Media

Indira Kajosevic (BIH), Feminism sans frontières

Kate Nash (UK), Post-feminism? Notes towards the Study of the Contemporary Women’s Movement in Britain

Rosalba Nestore (IT), Feminism and Transmission of Female Culture: which Instruments?

Valentina Pescetti (IT), How Women’s Politics Can Change the Culture of Legal Institutions: the Case of «Processo per stupro»

Corine Van Hellmont (B), ZORRA: the Watchdog of Gender Portrayals in Advertisements: a Flemish Case-Study of Embodied Strategies

Session 2: Institutional Experiences
Invited Speaker:

Prof. Anne Phillips (London School of Economics, UK), Feminist Politics: Facing the Future


Tiziana Agnati (IT), Women, Politics and Stereotypes: the Electoral Consequences of Being a Woman

Muriel Andriocci (FR), French Feminist Studies Between Marginalization and Recognition

Anca Dumitrescu (RO), Women’s NGO’s Communication and Strategies in Eastern Europe

Jane Freedman (UK), The European Parliament and Women’s Equality

Prabha Devi Kaini (NEP), Nepalese Women in Election: 1999

Laura Terragni, Emanuela Abbatecola, Valentina Rettore (IT), The Representation of Sexual Violence: Preliminary Observations from a European Research

Claudia Villante (IT), Mainstreaming Oriented? A New Gender Perspective in Labour Market Politics

Workshop 7

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 6)
Senior Coordinator: Prof. Vita Fortunati (University of Bologna, IT)

Junior Coordinator: Dr. Eleonora Federici (University of Hull, UK)
7A) Critical Theories,Genealogies, Migrations of Knowledge Between Feminist Literary and Cultural Traditions
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Susan Stanford Friedman (University of Wisconsin, USA), Local Feminism: Gender, Cultural Geographies, and Geopolitical Literacy

Prof Judith Newton (University of Davis, USA), Nomadic States Unlooked for Encounters or Crossing the Great Divide(s): Coalition Politics and what Masculinity Studies has to Offer Them


Daniela Corona (IT), Anti-folk Genres for Intercultural Confrontation. Women’s Migration Narratives and M. Warner’s representation of fascist Southern Italy

Nanna Gillberg (S), The New Market Segmentation in Women’s Media

Katja Kauer (D), The Mystique of a Feminine Aesthetics

Anna Maria Lamarra (IT),

Susanne Lettow (D), From Revolution to Repetition. Time and Change in Feminist Theory

Nadia Setti (F), Narrations on the Borderlines

Annalisa Tota (IT), The Colonisation of the Imaginary. Media and Cultural Texts as Place and Space for Work
7B) The Controversial Body: Ageing in Women’s Theories, Literatures and Cultures
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Vita Fortunati, Controversial Female Body: New Feminist Perspectives on Ageing

Dr. Ineke Klinge (University of Maastricht, NL), Magnificent Menopause: the Ageing Body (m/f) in a Risk Culture


Rosemarie Buikema (NL), Someday, Somehow, Somewhere - Interethnic Relations in ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Jungle Fever’

Franziska Gygas (CH), Life Writing, Illness, and the Body

Rosie McLaren (AUS), Menopause Art and the Body: Alternative Spatial Practices for the Daughters of Hysteria

Gabriella Morisco (IT), The Gothic Vision of the Body in Joyce C. Oates’ Short Stories

Dawn McRobbie (E),On Toni Morrison’s «Paradise»

Workshop 8

Refusing to Forget: Women’s Political Memories in a Comparative Perspective

(History Department, piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, Room 4)
Senior Coordinator: Prof. Anna Rossi-Doria (University of Bologna, IT)

Junior Coordinator: Dr. Sylvie Chaperon (University of Toulouse, F)
Invited Speakers:

Dr. Elda Guerra (Associazione Orlando, IT), Italian Feminism of the Seventies: a History to be Written

Dr. Zarana Papic (University of Belgrade, YU), The Power of Representation, the Chosen Discourse of Appropriation: the Fascistization of Social Memory, Collective Trauma and the Exclusion of Otherness

Prof. Françoise Picq (University of Paris Dauphine, F), Feminism in France in the Seventies: the MLF

Prof. Jalna Hanmer (University of Sunderland, UK), Militarism and Violence against Women: a Feminist Critique


Marina Calloni (London School of Economics, UK), Politics, Moral Sentiments, Secular Judaism and Gender in an Autobiography by Amelia Rosselli Pincherle

Ausma Cimdina (LV), The Origins of Feminism in Latvian Literature and Criticism

Giulia Gadaleta (IT), Feminist Political Cultures: Spain 1970-1979

Sara Maternini (IT), Messengers of God: Women, Politics, and Religion in Revolutionary England, 1640-1660

Paola Pallavicini (IT), Who are These Memories for? the Feminist Movement and the Generation Gap (Italy 1980-99)

Margarida Esteves Pereira (P), Portuguese Women’s Access to Education at the Turn of the Century: the Ideology of Separate Spheres

Monica Raisa Schpun (F), Belonging or solitude: The Choices of Carlota Pereira de Queiroz

Kristina Schulz (D), Remembering ’68: The Invention of a Feminist Tradition and the Construction of a Collective Identity. Women’s movement in France and West-Germany in the Seventies

Myriam Trevisan (IT), The Italian «Resistenza»: Women Writings

Workshop 9

Gender, Ethnicity and Nationalism: European Perspectives

(Foreign Languages Department, via Cartoleria 5, Room 8)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Berteke Waaldijk (University of Utrecht, NL)

Junior Coordinator: Ms Roxana Lucia Cheschebec (Central European University, HU)
Invited Speakers:

Ms Roxana Lucia Cheschebec, The «Unholy Marriage» of Feminism with Nationalism in Interwar Romania. The Discourse of Princess Alexandrina Cantacuzino

Dr Helma Lutz (University of Frankfurt, D), TheLong Shadow of the Past.Racisms, Nationalisms, Ethnicisms and Gender in the «New Europe»

Dr Berteke Waaldijk, Nationalism and the History of Feminism


Titia Blanksma (NL), Lucretia Wilhelmina van Merken (1721-1789), Poet for her Fatherland

Annamie Halsema and Gaby Jacobs (NL), Empowerment of Migrant Women: towards a Multicultural Society

Seija Keskitalo-Foley (FIN), Ethnic Identities and Cultural Subjectivities? Tracing Identities in the Narratives of Women in Northern Finland

Renata Mancuso (IT), Women, Children, Educational Patterns between Cultural Conforming and Interaction

Joanna Passos (NL), «May You Be the Mother of a Thousand Sons»… The Ambiguous Bond Between Mothers and Daughters in Contemporary Indian Fiction

Sandra Ponzanesi (NL), National Identities, Diasporic Differences and Global Dis(order). Post-colonial Theories and Trasnational Feminist Practices

M. Grazia Ruggerini and Maria Merelli (IT), Security/Insecurity in the Migrant Experience: Perceptions and Experiences of Migrant Women

Sawitri Saharso and Odile Verhaar (NL), Women’s Bodies - Bodies of Culture?

Ruba Salih (IT), Shifting Boundaries of Self and Other. Moroccan Migrant in Italy

Salla Tuori (E), The Performative Ethnicity of Finnish Immigrants in Madrid

Johanna Valenius (FIN), Ethnic Bodies Visual Representations of Finland and Russia in the Early 20th Century Finland

Gabriela Volfova (TR), Islam, Modernity and the Self: Narratives of Muslim Women Wearing a Headscarf

Workshop 10

Ties that Bind: the Law, Economics and the Labour Market

(History Department, piazza S.Giovanni in Monte 2, Room 3)
Senior Coordinator: Prof. Ute Gerhard (University of Frankfurt, D)

Junior Coordinator: Prof. Eeva Jokinen (University of Jyvaskyla, FIN)
Invited Speakers:

Prof. Siv Guestafsson (University of Amsterdam, NL), Gender Mainstreaming of Economic Theory and Research

Prof. Karin Gottschall (University of Bremen, D), The Employable European Citizen beyond Gender, Class and Ethnicity

Dr. Anneli Anttonen (University of Tampere, FIN), A Female Working Body

Prof. Ute Gerhard, Women’s Experiences of Injustice. A Dimension of Feminist Legal Criticism

M.Claudia Andrade (P), Challenges in Re-constrution of Gender Identity: between Gender Stereotyping and Social Identity

Mariella Annino (IT), Female Employment and Atypical Jobs

Donatella Barazzetti e Carmen Leccardi (IT), Irreducible Bodies. Technology, Embodied Time and Responsibility

Regine Bendl (A), Gender Sub-texts in Approaches to Decision-Making Processes

Chiara Bertone (IT), Negotiating Needs, Redefiniting Entitlements - The Articulation of Claims on Child Care by Organised Women in Italy and Denmark

Daniela Danna (IT), The Position of Prostitutes in E.U. Countries: Law and Practice

Svetlana Kataeva (RUS), Consciousness of Gender Inequality as an Issue for Feminist Analysis

Eeva Jokinen (FIN), Divorce, Equality and Sexual Difference in Marriage in the 1970’s

Nicky Le Feuvre (F), Careerists and Paid Career: the Equal Opportunity Rhetoric and Work Experiences behind the Politics to Promote Domestic Services to Households in France

Margaret Melrose (UK), Young People and the Prostitution Labour Market in Britain

Nadine Plateau (B), The Gendered Body in Prostitution

Dahle Rannveig (N), Body-Work and the Making of Men

Mariagrazia Rossilli (IT), Family Issues Enter the EU Political Agenda as a Part of the Emerging New «European Social Model»

Anna Wahl, Charlotte Holgersson, Pia Hook (S), Irony as a Strategy for Deconstructing Leadership

7 p.m.

Next GENDERation Forum: Current Research Areas and Opportunities for Younger Women

Sponsored by European Commission DG XII Human Potential Programme

(NextGENDERation - 30 Something network),

Palazzo dei Notai, via de’ Pignattari 1
Coordinators: Dr. Annalisa Tota (IT), Esther Vonk (NL)

Chair: Prof. Laura Balbo (University of Ferrara, IT)

Invited Guest: Prof. Donna Haraway (University of Santa Cruz, USA)
Aims: To present some of the priority points of the agenda of the NextGENDERation of feminist and women’s studies scholars, with special emphasis on issues related to research, training and employment perspectives of women’s and gender studies graduates.
Including a NextGENDERation Performance with Soundlab Cultural Alchemy and a panel discussion with Diana Anders (USA), Laura Fantone (IT), Fabiana Terenzi (IT), Myriam Trevisan (IT), Annalisa Tota (IT), Esther Vonk (NL)

11 p.m.

NextGENDERation Party

Cassero, Gay and Lesbian Center, via di Porta Saragozza 2

With a variety of DJ’s, performances, dancing, and a welcome to all conference participants

Sunday 1st October

9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Aula Magna di S. Lucia

Via Castiglione 36

Chair: Prof. Patrizia Violi (University of Bologna, IT)

Keynote speaker:

Prof. Luisa Passerini (European University Institute, IT), Becoming a Subject in the Time of the Death of the Subject

Respondant: Prof. Juliet Mitchell (University of Cambridge, UK)
Keynote speaker:

Prof. Nira Yuval Davis (University of Greenwich, UK), On Situated Knowledge and Situated Imagination

Respondant: Ms Rutvica Andrijasevic (University of Utrecht, NL)

1 p.m. Closing Ceremony
Speech by the Rector of the University of Bologna Prof. Fabio Roversi Monaco (to be confirmed)

Organisers’ Farewell

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