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Dal libro di testo ”Performer “ vol.2- di Spiazzi -Tavella-Layton, ed. Zanichelli


Specification 5: 5.7 -The development of human rights;-The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948);

5.8-New Scientific Methods;-The Royal Society and The Royal Society today;-Newton's view of the universe;

5.9-The Restoration of the monarchy;-The Glorious Revolution; 5.10-only a reading


Specification 6: 6.1-The birth of political parties;-The Act of Union;-The Tories and The Whigs;-Modern political parties and the prime minister and the Cabinet;

6.3: -Hanoverian literature; -A golden age; The new view of nature;

6.4: -W. Hogarth’s satire and social criticism

6.5: -The means for cultural debate; -The first dictionary of the English language and British newspapers;

6.6: -Two newspapers: 'The Spectator' and 'Il Caffè';

6.7: -The rise of the novel and the 18th-century novel;

6.8: -Daniel Defoe and the realistic novel;-Robinson Crusoe;

6.10: -Jonathan Swift and the satirical novel;-Gulliver's Travels;

Dal libro di testo ”Performer “ vol.2- di Spiazzi -Tavella-Layton, ed. Zanichelli

Specification7: 7.1-An age of revolutions;

7.2-Heroes of invention;

7.3-Industrial society;

7.4-W.Blake and the victims of industrialization; London: reading, comprehension and analysis;

7.5- The American war of Independence;

7.7-The Boston Freedom trail;

7.9- The Sublime: a new sensibility;

7.10-The Gothic novel;

7.11-Mary Shelley and a new interest in science; -Frankenstein;


8.i- W. Blake , the poet of vision ; “ London “ : reading comprehension and analysis

8.2-English Romanticism;-A new sensibility; The emphasis on the individual

8.3-William Wordsworth and nature;-Lyrical Ballads;-“Daffodils ” reading, comprehension and analysis;

8.5-Samuel Taylor Coleridge and sublime nature;

8.8 -The Napoleonic Wars

8.9 - G.G.Byron and the stormy ocean, The pilgrimage of childe Harold

8.10 -J.Keats and unchanging nature ;" Bright Star" reading, comprehension and analysis

8.11 - P.B.Shelley and the free spirit of nature

8.12 - J.Austen and the theme of love ; Pride and Predjudice ;

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Dal libro di testo Words into Forms:

GRAMMAR: Unit 1-2-3-4-11-12-13-14-15

Dal libro “ My life 2 “ di J. Shelly ed. Zanichelli

Unit i6: Functions: Talking about past actions; Reporting things that took place in the past; Expressing regret for past actions; Talking about hypothetical situations;

Grammar: Past perfect; Past perfect in reported speech; Wish + past perfect; Perfect conditional; Hypothetical sentences type 3

Unit i7: Functions: Describing processes ;Talking about future situations

Grammar : Passive all tenses ; Future Perfect

Unit i8: Functions : Talking about particular or general things ;Asking, persuading or obliging other people to do something; Asking for and giving/refusing permission

Grammar : Use of the articles; Make7do:Have/make/let + object+base form; Be allowed

Unit i9: Functions : Expressing possibility, certainty and uncertainty; Drawing conclusions; Describe past habits;

Expressing purposes

Grammar: Modal verbs; Must/can’t/could/should/may/might/have +past participle; Used to/ be used to/get used to

Unit i10: Functions: Having/getting something do by others; Describing people, places and objects, Expressing purposes

Grammar: Have/get+ object+ past participle; Enugh/too

Unit i11: Functions: Expressing purpose; Talking about possessions

Grammar: Uses of the infinitive; Infinitive of purpose; Uses of the base form; Double genitive

Unit I12: Functions: Reported what people said; Talking about hypothetical situations; Expressing wishes; Expressing similarity and describing physical sensations

Grammar: Reported speech; The English equivalent of the Italian “congiuntivo”;

How to translate the verb “sembrare”

Per le vacanze: ripetere le unità grammaticali studiate da Words into Forms, Visione dei film: The Scarlat Letter, Oliver Twist, The Picture of Dorian Gray

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