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Animals, animals, animals everywhere! Become an animal expert by exploring and researching the different animal groups such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, and birds. Sharpen your computer skills and confidence while learning the fascinating facts and unique characteristics of each animal group. As an animal expert, you will complete computer art, math, science, and language arts activities using a variety of computer programs. Come join the animal adventure!


This course will introduce primary students to the plants, animals and environment of the coral reef. Students will be involved in activities designed to help them identify, compare, and contrast the animals and plants of the coral reef with freshwater and land animals. Students will use classification and measuring skills while comparing and contrasting the characteristics and basic needs of the organisms present in the reef with those on land and in freshwater. A study of land and sea turtles and their life cycles is included to illustrate this concept. The learner will have the opportunity to ask a marine biologist questions about coral reefs online and explore web sites picturing coral reefs around the world.

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