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This course will provide learners the opportunity to discover ten different cultures located around the world by “traveling” to Brazil, Mexico, England, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Israel, Russia, and Japan. The learners will be receiving a passport that will enable them to travel to the different countries. They will also be receiving a suitcase in which to keep all of their “souvenirs.” During each trip to a different country, the learners will be experiencing the following activities: recognizing different seasonal changes and times between their country and the country they are visiting, making clothes (paper dolls) to be worn during their trip, drawing simple maps of the homes and communities that are located in the country, cooking and tasting food, experiencing holidays that are celebrated in the country, exploring that country’s different customs, playing games, listening and dancing to music, replicating art, familiarizing themselves with any famous people who live there, and responding to their visit through a postcard that will be sent “home” after each trip.

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