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Can a team of students build a vehicle that will travel through and obstacle course and break balloon targets? Is there a way to create a performance that brings famous works of art to life? Students use cooperative planning, teamwork, creative problem solving, and the ability to transfer previous knowledge to new situations to present unique solutions to these types of problems.

Let’s celebrate the winners! Students will have an opportunity to listen and read award winning children’s books that have been recognized for excellence. Caldecott winners as well as North Carolina Children’s Book Award selections will be introduced. Children will develop listening and comprehension skills and explore various artistic mediums that the illustrators use to create books.


Are you a character? Do you like creating? This is the course for you! Puppet Play is a creative exploration into puppetry. Students will learn and create various types of puppets, such as hand, rod, string, shadow, and more. This course incorporates literacy skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, to develop and personalize puppet characters for entertaining while developing life skills of critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creative expression.

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