Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics and Senior Fellow, Center for Social Policy

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Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics


Senior Fellow, Center for Social Policy

University of Massachusetts Boston

Curriculum Vitae

May 2014

Address: 35 William Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone (617) 661-2941

Birth: April 7, 1942; St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Positions Held:
Faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Boston, 1975 to 2008; Chairperson of the Department of Economics, 1977-79, 1983-86 and 2005 to 2008. Professor Emeritus, at present.
Senior Research Fellow, Center for Social Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston, at present (since 2007).
Research Economist, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts Amherst, May 2012 to June 2013.
Higher Education Consultant, Massachusetts Teachers Association, April 2011 to April 2012.
President of the Faculty Staff Union, University of Massachusetts Boston, March 2004 to January 2005. Vice President, 1990-2001; Grievance Officer, 1991-2001; Acting President, Spring 1992 and Fall 1997
Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Massachusetts Boston, September 2001–August 2002.
Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Harvard University, 1981-82.
Faculty Member, Harvard University, 1968-75
Research Associate, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, 1968-73
Research Associate, Yale University Pakistan Project, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Karachi, Pakistan, 1966-68
Consultant to the International Labor Organization, 1977 and 1996.
Fields of Interest: Economic Development, Poverty, Macroeconomics, International Political Economy, Economics of Education, Latin America
Education: Harvard University, 1963-68: Ph.D. in Economics, received March 1969; M.A. in Economics, received June 1965.
University of Chicago, 1959-63: B.A. with major in Economics, received June 1963.
Editorial Positions: Dollars & Sense (1974-1990), Review of Radical Political Economy (1980-82), Quarterly Journal of Economics (1972-75).
Awards: Fellowship from the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. for the study of the relationship between change in the international economic order and the disruption of stable expansion in the U.S. economy, 1981-82.
Grant from the Social Science Research Council for comparative study of socialist economies, 1972-73.
Awarded the Wells Prize by the Department of Economics, Harvard University, 1969, for Development Alternatives in Pakistan: A Multisectoral and Regional Analysis of Planning Problems.
Debt and Disorder: International Economic Instability and U.S. Imperial Decline cited as one of the twenty-five best books of 1989 by the Village Voice.
Courses Taught, Undergraduate: The Origins of Global Inequality (Honors Seminar); Economic Development; American Economic History; The Economics of Education; The Political Economy and Culture of Mexico; The Multinational Corporation; The Latin American Economy; Introduction to Marxist Economic Analysis; Introductory Economics (Macroeconomics); Intermediate Economic Theory (Macroeconomics); Topics in Marxist Economics; Comparative Economic Systems; Ownership, Property and the Law; Imperialism; Modern Capitalism; The Capitalist System: Conflict and Power; The Political Economy of Socialist Development; Principles of Economics.
Courses Taught, Graduate: Economic Development; Economic and Political Aspects of Imperialism (Seminar); Topics in the Political Economy of Socialism (Seminar).


Professional Publications and Papers

May 2014

Jointly with John A. Miller, Economic Collapse, Economic Change: Getting to the Roots of the Crisis, M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, NY, 2011.
Neoliberalism or Democracy? Economic Strategy, Markets and Alternatives for the 21st Century, Zed Books, London, and St. Martin's Press, NY, 1999. (Spanish edition: ¿Neoliberalismo o democracia? Estrategias y alternativas economicas para el siglo XXI, Intermon, Barcelona, 2001.)
Debt and Disorder: International Economic Instability and U.S. Imperial Decline, Monthly Review Press, New York, 1990. (Spanish edition: Deuda y desorden: Inestabilidad economica internacional y ocaso del imperio estadunidense, Siglo XXI, Mexico City, 1992.)
Edited jointly with William K. Tabb, Instability and Change in the World Economy, Monthly Review Press, New York, 1989.
Revolution and Economic Development in Cuba, Macmillan Press, London, and St. Martin's Press, New York, 1981.
Edited jointly with Thomas E. Weisskopf, Perspectives on the Economic Problem: A Book of Readings in Political Economy, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 2nd Edition, 1973. (The 1st edition was published in 1970.)
Development Alternatives in Pakistan: A Multisectoral and Regional Analysis of Planning Problems, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1971.
Edited jointly with Hollis B. Chenery and others, Studies in Development Planning, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1971.

“The Wealth-Power Connection,” in Capitalism on Trial: Explorations in the Tradition of Thomas E. Weisskopf,” J. Wicks-Lim and R. Pollin, eds., Edward Elgar Publishers, Cheltenham, UK, and Northampton, MA, USA, 2013.
“An End in Itself and a Means to Good Ends: Why Income Equality is Important,” in Development, Equity And Poverty: Essays in Honour of Azizur Rahman Khan, L. Banerje et al, eds., Macmillan Publishers India, New Delhi, 2010. On line at
“Inequality, Power, and Ideology: Getting it Right About the Causes of the Current Economic Crisis,” Dollars & Sense, March/April 2009, No. 281. On line at
“The Meaning of Poverty: Questions of Distribution and Power,” in Development Experience and Emerging Challenges, Bangladesh, Q. Shahabuddin and R. I. Rahman, eds., University Press and the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Dhaka, 2009, and published in Spanish as “El significado de la pobreza: cuestiones de distribución y poder,” Investigación Económica, Vol LXIX, No. 272, abril-junio de 2010, and on line in English at, and in Spanish at

Jointly with Angel Ruiz, “Washington Dollars and the Puerto Rican Economy: Amounts, Impacts, Alternatives,” Ensayos y Monografias, No. 135, febrero 2008, Unidad de Investigaciones Economicas, Departamento de Economia, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras. On line at
“Liberalization, Migration, and Development: The Mexico-U.S. Relationship,” Revista de Economia Mundial, No. 14, 2006. On line at:
“Debt and Democracy: How Can Heavily Indebted Countries Pursue Democratic Economic Programs?” Published in Turkish as “Borc ve Demokrasi: Agir Borc Atundaki Ulkeler Demokratik Ekonomik Programlari Nasil Yurutebiler?” in Neo Liberalizme Karsi Ortak Savunma, edited by Ahmet Asena and Sezai Temelli, Kalkedon Yayincilik, Istanbul, 2006
Jointly with Neil Allison, “Students Dropping Out of Puerto Rico Public Schools: Measuring the Problem and Examining the Implications,” Ensayos y Monografias, Numero 125, marzo 2005, Unidad de Investigaciones Economicas, Departamento de Economia, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras. On line at.
“Neoliberalism and Democracy: Market Power versus Democratic Power,” in A. S. Filho and D. Johnston, eds., Neoliberalism: A Critical Reader, London: Pluto Press, 2005.
“Property: Who Has a Right to What and Why?” in Chuck Collins et al, eds., The Wealth Reader: Perils of a New Gilded Age, Dollars & Sense and United for a Fair Economy, Boston, 2004.
Puerto Rico: Negotiating Development and Change by James Dietz,” (A Review Essay), Boletin de Economia, Vol. VII, Num. 1, agosto-diciembre 2003.
"The Neoliberal Disorder: The Inconsistencies of Trade Policy," NACLA Report on the Americas, Vol. XXXV, No. 3, November/December 2001.
"What is Globalization?" Radical Teacher, No. 61, Fall 2001.
"International Institutions and the Global Economy," in The Impact of Globalization on Employment, Report of Workshop of Parliamentarians, Ben Turok, MP, Convener, Capetown, 2000.
"Private School Enrollments: Some Numbers and Some Speculations," Radical Teacher, No. 49, Fall 1996.
"'Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand'" Monthly Review, Vol. 47, No. 5, October 1995. (A review essay based on Along Freedom Road: Hyde County, North Carolina, and the Fate of the Black Schools in the South by David S. Cecelski.)
"Technological Options and Free Trade Agreements," Science & Society, Vol. 59, No. 1, Spring 95.
"Globalization and Stagnation," Socialist Register 1994: Between Globalism and Nationalism, Ralph Miliband and Leo Panitch, eds., Monthly Review Press, NY, 1994; a version also appears in Monthly Review, Vol. 45, No. 11, April 1994.
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Jointly with Katrine Landuyt, Fiji: Towards Equality and Protection for Women Workers in the Formal Sector, ILO, Manila, 1996.

"DR. DOLLAR" COLUMNS: A One-Page Column Appearing in the Bi-Monthly Magazine Dollars & Sense (D&S) in which I Answer a Reader's Question About an Economics Issue.
May/June 2014, (D&S No. 312): Why the Shift from Production to Speculation?
March/April 2014, (D&S No. 311): Jobs Vs. Environment?
January/February 2014, (D&S No. 310): The Airfare Mystery
November/December 2013, (D&S No. 309): Securitization, Bubble, and Crisis
September/October 2013, (D&S No. 308): What’s Behind the Big Pension Shift?
July/August 2013, (D&S No. 307): Black-White Income Differences: What’s Happened?
May/June 2013, (D&S No. 306): Should We Blame “Fractional Reserve” Banking?
March/April 2013, (D&S No. 305): What Happened to Keynesian Economics?
January/February 2013, (D&S No. 304): Education: More than “Human Capital”

November/December 2012, (D&S No. 303): Structural Adjustment, Here and There

September/October 2012, (D&S No. 302): What’s Wrong with a Flat Tax?
July/August 2012, (D&S No. 301): Abolishing the Fed Is No Solution to a Real Problem.
May/June 2012, (D&S No. 300): How Have Banks Managed to Repay the Bailout?
March/April 2012, (D&S No. 299): How Important is Citizens United?
January/February 2012, D&S No. 298): Is U.S. Foreign Aid “Huge” Compared to Other Countries’?
November/December 2011, (D&S No. 297): How Do Unions Affect Economic Performance?”
September/October 2011, (D&S No. 296): Is the Concept of Monopoly Capitalism Relevant Today?
July/August 2011, (D&S No. 295): Do Low Taxes on Dividends and Capital Gains Encourage Economic Growth?
May/June 2011, (D&S No. 294): Does Globalization Inevitably Lead to Low Wages and Job Loss?
March/April 2011, (D&S No. 293): Who Gets the Value We All Produce?
January/February 2011, (D&S No. 292): Why Do They Oppose More Stimulus?
November/December 2010, (D&S No. 291): Is China’s Currency Manipulation Hurting the U.S.?
September/October 2010, (D&S No. 290): Why the Loss of Manufacturing Jobs?
July/August 2010, (D&S No. 289): Who wins when the dollar loses value?
May/June 2010, (D&S No. 288): “Pressure from the Bond Market
March/April 2010, (D&S No. 287): What Were the Bankers Thinking?
January/February 2010, (D&S No. 286): Empire and Entitlements
November/December 2009, (D&S No. 285): Oil Prices and the Dollar
September/October 2009, (D&S No. 284): The Giant Pool of Money
July/August 2009, (D&S No. 283): Ponzi Schemes, Bubbles, and Banks
May/June 2009, (D&S No. 282): What Can We Do to Rise Wages?
March/April 2009, (D&S No. 281): Why Are Things Getting Worse and Worse?
January/February 2009, (D&S No. 280): Who Gets Those Trillions?
November/December 2008, (D&S No. 279): Is The Bailout Like Having a Tooth Pulled?
September/October 2008, (D&S No. 278): International Labor Standards
July/August 2008, (D&S No.277): When a Hedge Fund Makes $3bn, Who Loses $3bn?
May/June 2008, (D&S No. 276): The Bear Stearns Bailout
March/April 2008, (D&S No. 275): War Spending, Deficits, and Economics Stimulus
January/February 2008 (D&S No. 274): Measuring Global Poverty
Spring 2007 (D&S No. 270):The Fed and the “International Banking Conspiracy”
July/August 2002 (D&S No. 242): What’s Wrong with Inequality?
September/October 2001 (D&S No. 237): What’s the Difference Between GDP and GNP?
July/August 2001 (D&S No. 236): Who Is Buying Increased U.S. Production?

May/June 2001 (D&S No. 235): What's the "Middle Class" and Is It Shrinking?

March/April 2001 (D&S No. 234): What Causes Exchange-Rate Fluctuations?
January/February 2001 (D&S No. 233): Is There Evidence for "Trickle Down"?
November/December 2000 (D&S No. 232): Secret Stock Stabilization?
September/October 2000 (D&S No. 231): Horatio Alger Lives?
July/August 2000 (D&S No. 230): Neoliberalism and Infant Mortality
May/June 2000 (D&S No. 229): Speculation and Development
March/April 2000 (D&S No. 228): How Long Can We Run a Trade Deficit?
January/February 2000 (D&S No. 227): Are Only Service Jobs in America's Future?
November/December 1999 (D&S No. 226): Spending on the UN versus NATO
September/October 1999 (D&S No. 225): Why Care About the Wage Gap?
July/August 1999 (D&S No. 224): The People Running the IMF
May/June 1999 (D&S No. 223): When Wage Hikes Don't Mean Price Hikes
March/April 1999 (D&S No. 222): Bargaining Power and Wages
January/February 1999 (D&S No. 221): Household Wealth in the U.S.
November/December 1998 (D&S No. 220): Why CEO Salaries Skyrocket
September/October 1998 (D&S No. 219): Who Benefited from Growth in East Asia?
July/August (D&S No. 218): What's Up with Foreigners Buying U.S. Bonds?
May/June 1998 (D&S No. 217): Is the Economy Really Going Gangbusters?
March/April 1998 (D&S No. 216): Why Call D&S a 'Collective'?
November/December 1997 (D&S No. 214): Who Gains from the Capital Gains Tax?
September/October 1997 (D&S No. 213): Is a High Dow Jones Good for the Economy?
July/August 1997 (D&S No. 212): Fiscal vs. Monetary Policy
May/June 1997 (D&S No. 211): Are Prisoners Among the Unemployed?

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