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The novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, has focused on the struggle for human dignity and survival, team work, friendship, and brotherhood, the outrage of an unjust imprisonment, faith, and hope inside the Stalin’s labor camp. The freezing cold weather the prisoners were working, Ivan’s spoon, bread, and Tsezar’s parcel presented in the novel has its’ own symbolic meaning which pictures the dark side of Soviet labor camp.

The way the novel is ended has cleared shown that surviving is a triumph. “Shukhov went to sleep, and he was very happy. He had a lot of luck today. They hadn’t put him in the cooler. The gang hadn’t been chased to work in the Socialist Community Development. He’d finagled an extra bowl of mush at noon. The boss had gotten them good rates for their work. He’s felt good making that wall. They hadn’t found that piece of steel in the frisk. Caesar had paid him off in the evening. He’d bought some tobacco. And he’d gotten over that sickness (210).” Ivan has some hope that he might see tomorrow’s sunlight.

In conclusion, the prisoners were the victim of Stalin’s rule. Thus the publication of the novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, has helped Khrushchev’s to criticize Stalin’s regime and make his point that the terror was the result of Stalinism but not communist ideology.

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