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Angelina Puerto

602 ½ Franklin Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Cell: 518-844-6836
Highly qualified in the areas of ground supply administration and operations, warehousing, hazardous materials storage operations handling, fiscal accounting, purchasing, and contracting procedures under strict requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Time Management

Reading Comprehension

Computer Skills


Critical Thinking


Management of Personnel Resources


U. S. Tank Alliance 2016-Present

Columbus, Ohio

  • Identifying, interpreting and inputting customer information into the computer system.

  • Keeping track of received data documents and sort documents to be entered into the computer system.

  • Contact the creators of documents to resolve any questions, inconsistencies, or missing information.

  • Entering different kinds of data (alphabetic, numeric or symbolic) into the computer following the format on-screen.

  • Maintaining a record of completed work and making necessary corrections to information to ensure all data is accurate.

Headquarters Company, Supply and Accounting 2014-2016

United States Marine Corps

Okinawa, Japan

  • Preformed administrative and clerical activities such as word processing, managing files/records, transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.

  • Managed over 30,000 Marines supply needs by meeting quality standards for ongoing exercises and maintaining satisfaction.

  • In many of the cases involving supply, it involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of the Marines, civilians and resources.

  • Gained the knowledge of computer processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware/software. This included applications and programming like Global Combat Support System - Marine Corps (GCSS).

  • Always keeping track and maintain files of the accounting and economic section. This was done by accounting principles and practices and reporting of financial data.

Special Operations Training Group, Amory Custodian and Supply 2013-2014

United States Marine Corps

Okinawa, Japan

  • Provided training and supply to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) commanders with training facilities and a liaison for Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU).

  • Issued/received supply gear, stored and take accountability of the many different weapons like M16A4 Rifle, Sniper Rifles, Shot Guns, Pistols, and all types of special optics provide for the Marines in the Infantry, Reconnaissance and the Marine Expeditionary Units.

  • Opened and closed the Armory for the Marines in need of weapon supply equipment for the extensive courses that SOTG trains like the Urban Sniper Course, Helicopter Rope Suspension Training (HRST) Masters Course and Urban Reconnaissance & Surveillance.

  • Transport weapons and Marines around the island of Okinawa in a Humvy that was driven on the opposite side of the road that had American style components.

Security Augmentation Force 2012-2013

United States Marine Corps

Okinawa, Japan

  • Defend, protect and guard Camp Courtney and the Commanding General of Okinawa against terrorist threats with various types of weapons and techniques.

  • Cleaned and kept the base looking professional by picking garbage off the street, plant flowers in the designated area and providing peace of mind to the others that lived on base.

Charley’s Grilled Subs 2010

Columbus, Ohio

  • Managed the cashier spot by controlling the issuing and receiving money from the customers.

  • Maintained a healthy and high safe standard of food preparation every morning by cleaning, checking labels, organizing and storing food in the proper locations.

Columbus State Community College 2016-Present

550 East Spring St.

Columbus, OH 43215

Associates of Science (2018)

High School Diploma 2011

Fort Plain High School

Fort Plain, New York
Military Occupational Specialty School, Camp Johnson, North Carolina 2013
Marine Corps Basic Training, Paris Island, North Carolina 2011
Bechtel Elementary School 2015

Okinawa, Japan

Organize and cleared out large materials needed for the school.
Kinser Elementary School 2014

Okinawa, Japan

Assisting teachers by helping them in the class room of 20 kindergartens.
Kadena Elementary School 2014

Okinawa, Japan

Helped an organized a Water Fun Day for over 300 elementary students.
Waimea Valley 2010

Haleiwa, Hawaii

Cleaned and helped landscape the botanical gardens.

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