Professional Development Planning for fy15

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Professional Development Planning for FY15

It is expected that each WNEP nutrition educator and county coordinator create a personal Plan for Professional Development as part of their Performance Review process each year. This Plan for Professional Development can describe or list professional development goals and the plans for trainings and other self-directed efforts that support their WNEP work and duties.

Developing a Personal Plan for Professional Development

A plan should address the following questions:


    • What content or subject matter training or refreshers are needed in order to function even better as a WNEP colleague providing nutrition education?

    • Title and available details about content or subject matter training you would like to attend.


    • What skill or process training is needed in order to plan, teach, evaluate, and collaborate, etc. most effectively as a WNEP colleague?

    • Title and available details about skill or process training you would like to attend.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN FORM FOR WNEP—a form that may be used is available at the end of this document.

Sharing your Personal Plan for Professional Development

This plan should be discussed and reviewed during your Performance Review meeting with either your WNEP County Coordinator or Department Head, as appropriate.  County Coordinators and/or Department Heads may offer suggestions for additional training or professional development they feel may benefit you. County Coordinators use Professional Development Plans from all team members to consolidate into a team plan and budget proposal so final versions of Professional Development Plans from each nutrition educator should be submitted to the county coordinator by the end of March each year.

Guidelines for Professional Development in WNEP

  • Trainings and professional development opportunities must be directly relevant to SNAP-Ed and/or EFNEP nutrition education programming for low income participants.

  • Professional development opportunities that are designed and desired to prepare attendees for opportunities or educational work other than what is allowable in WNEP cannot be paid for with WNEP funds or attended on WNEP work time.

  • Professional Development opportunities extend beyond attending trainings and workshops. Independent Study options can be considered, for example: webinars, viewing videos and participating in a county unit book reading and review or individual reading of texts/books pertaining to nutrition and completing accompanying study guides if available. Consider discussing options and ideas with WNEP Statewide Training Coordinator.

  • WNEP colleagues should consider carefully how many hours or days of training/professional development they can or should participate in each year while ensuring that sufficient time and energy is devoted to meeting expectations for direct educational programming.

  • WNEP colleagues within their first year or two of WNEP employment will attend several required training events and therefore should refrain from planning to attend other optional trainings until after this time.

  • WNEP Advisors can and should be consulted regarding recommendations for training opportunities. Consult your Advisor as you develop your Plan.

  • Look for Professional Development and Training ideas at the following sites (not all opportunities will be appropriate for all WNEP colleagues):

    • Monthly Family Living Resource Connection:

    • Family Living conferences:

    • Family Living Team Plans:

    • Cooperative Extension Program Development & Evaluation:

    • Cooperative Extension Conferences:

    • UW-Extension Multi-Cultural Awareness Program:

    • Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion:

    • CES Technological Services Computer Training Offerings:


Budget for Training/Professional Development in WNEP

County Coordinators should complete and submit the form entitled “Summary of Training and Professional Development Costs for FY15” and use the information compiled on that form to enter expenditures related to Professional Development into the Planned Expenditures form for FY15.  Any Professional development opportunities that you add to bottom portion the form expenditures will require justification to be an allowable expense.  Include in your justification a description of the training, learner objectives, date, location, cost and a statement that explains how the training supports one’s work in WNEP, as stated in their Professional Development Plan.  Having funding in one’s budget is not to be considered as approval alone. Insufficient or incomplete explanation or justification will result in the training being deleted from your budget plan.

A good “rule of thumb” for budgeting for training & professional development for WNEP colleagues is between $400 and $900/colleague/year. (Note: it is expected that costs will be greater for newer colleagues due to several trips for training and for colleagues who travel longer distances to events).
WNEP Trainings—New Educator/Coordinator Trainings and Annual Meetings

Most of the costs (i.e. fees, meals, lodging) related to these trainings and meetings for WNEP staff will be budgeted and paid for from statewide accounts. Local county WNEP budget plans should include estimated costs for travel to and from these events.

Unplanned Opportunities during the Year

Frequently WNEP colleagues become aware of opportunities for relevant training or professional development that had not been planned as part of the fiscal year Professional Development Plan and budget. If a nutrition educator or county coordinator wishes to explore attending an unplanned event, the county WNEP Advisor should be consulted by the WNEP Coordinator about the relevance and appropriateness of the training for themselves or their educator(s). If the Advisor is in agreement, the county coordinator develops a justification (including description, learner objectives, and details on costs, date, and location) for submission to the WNEP fiscal office. The justification must also include an explanation of how costs for this unplanned event will be covered (i.e. Planned professional development or training that will be deleted from the budget plan). The steps outlined above need to be accomplished prior to submitting your registration for the training.

Professional Development/Training Plan for WNEP Nutrition Educator or County Coordinator


Name _____________________________________
Date ____________________

Content or Knowledge, related to WNEP outcomes, about which I would like more training

Review WNEP Program Outcomes and Major Content Areas. Think about specific content areas in which you would like to have more training/professional development. What are these?

Teaching or Work-related Skills in which I would like more training or professional development

Review the Profile of Nutrition Educator Tasks and Duties or the Tasks and Duties of County Coordinators (available on the WNEP web site at: ). Think about these teaching and work-related skills. Which would be the focus of your training or professional development during the coming year?

Specific trainings or professional development opportunities that I would like to participate in this year that would help me accomplish what is listed above.

List as much detail as possible including: title, learner objectives, presenter/host, cost, location, date (or attach information to this form).
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