Produced by Belfast Association of University Teachers Issue No 10 October 2002

All we ask is parity in research funding with GB!

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All we ask is parity in research funding with GB!

Paul Hudson, based on QUB’s submission

AUT’s Response

AUT’s regional office sent a response to the draft budget to Dr Esmond Birnie, Chair of the Employment and Learning Committee of the Assembly. QUB has also made a submission containing similar data.

Under-funding of Research in Northern Ireland

Everyone connected with higher education in Northern Ireland was expecting extra funds to be allocated for research in the Northern Ireland universities. This expectation was based upon the high emphasis placed upon the knowledge-based economy and the level of spending on research elsewhere in the UK. Figures from the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) show the degree to which research in Northern Ireland has been under funded.

Index showing Recurrent Funding for Research 1992/93 to 2000/01




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