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In class as we began our discussion of the Westward Expansion, we touched on the World’s Fair that took place in Chicago in 1893. I took interest in the Fair and decided to look further into the extent that the Fair was a success.

I began my research by searching for basic information about the Fair. I found descriptions of the exhibits and impact that the Exposition had. In the book Chicago’s White City of 1893 by David F, Burg, that I found that at the fair there was a Women's Building. Looking into the Women’s Building I decided to expand and looked into more of women’s roles at the Fair were. I found a chapter of a book devoted to the Woman’s Building and uncovered that the building itself was designed and decorated by women. It also explained that the purpose of the exhibits within the building were to promote that women were the originator of most of the industrial arts. After looking into the specifics of the Women’s Building, I decided to switch my focus to what the women had accomplished at the fair. With this switch, I wished to answer the question of “what was the role of women at the Fair and what was their impact?” I  found the Official manual of the Lady Managers of the World’s Columbian Commission where there were written addresses of the President of the Commission and how the Board of Lady Managers was formed. With this information I learned that many suffragists spoke during the Fair, including Susan B. Anthony. From learning of the women’s rights activists at the Fair, I fully committed to researching the impact of the World’s Columbian Exposition on the women’s rights movement. My valuable resource, “Our great opportunity” Organized Women Advance Women’s Work at the World’s Columian Exposition of 1893 backed up the information that I had collected from research. With the previously stated article, I concluded that the speeches by notable feminists, the promotion of women in the industry and the advocacy of women in politics made the Columbian Exposition an important event in the Woman's rights movement.

In the year of 1893, the United States was in the midst of transforming. The use of machines and the creation of new technologies were booming, electricity was growing in popularity; the United States were gleaming and ready to demonstrate what they had to offer. The opportunity came when the States had the chance to host a World’s Fair also called the World’s Columbian Exposition. With the masses of people visiting the fair grounds each day, it exposed hundreds of thousands of people to the creations of the time. During the 1890’s, the women’s rights movement was strong, making the the World’s Columbian Exposition an opportune time promote the advancement of women.With appearances of notable feminists, exhibiting women’s influence in industry and advocacy of women in politics, the World’s Columbian Exposition was important event in the push for women's rights.

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