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Growing up with my family in China, there is a great legacy about Mao Zedong. In Chinese society, we consider Mao a hero, someone who we all should look up to and someone to respect for his bravery. He is someone who shaped China today; its economics, cultures, tradition, and beliefs. This was in my mind throughout my research, because without Mao, there would not be the China which we have today. As the NHD project began with the theme of Leadership and Legacy, I believed that Mao Zedong would be the perfect person to focus on for my project. Even though I grew up in China, I could say that I know too little about China and the history behind it. This was a great chance to get a better understanding of the great history behind it.

I began researching websites about his background and what led him become the Chairman of China. This time is history placed an important impact on the hearts of Chinese people which was never present with any other person and what made him so special for me personally. During my research of Mao, I was led to the Cultural Revolution, which was a huge movement that shaped China today. I also found out that before the Cultural Revolution, there was a plan by Mao called the Leaping Forward to change the society into an even better one than before. Most of my research was done on the internet and I decided to buy a book to gain more information about Mao. I was able to utilize Chinese internet sources, since I am fluent in Mandarin. This may have helped me gain more information than only using English sites. My father is also very interested in Mao and has many videos and background knowledge in this area, which he was able to share with me. This helped me develop a greater understanding of the topic and its impact on Chinese people.

I decided to create a website, since I am interested in web designing and the incredible things that can be done with this genre. I designed my website using the color of China, which is red. I decided to use photographs, quotes and text to describe the Cultural Revolution to build background knowledge to viewers. I added videos and music to show the Chinese culture before and after Mao’s influence. I hope this will help the viewer gain a better understanding of his impact.

My project relates to the NHD theme of Leadership and Legacy in History because I know that Mao is viewed as a hero within the hearts of Chinese citizens. His leadership is demonstrated as he led China to a better society and a better place to live. The legacy he left is referred to as “freedom and protection from the Japanese” and is still alive today. He is the person that we love and someone to adore.

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