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U.S. Imperialism WebQuest
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  • Carefully read each question.

  • Refer to the provided link for each question.  Some questions do not have a link.  These questions, for the most part, correspond with the previous question's link(s).

  • Carefully read and think about the information you find at each link, and then use this information to complete the questions.

Amazing Discoveries!

1.    Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan?  What did he recommend with regard to the U.S.

2.    Why was Hawaii important in US expansionism?

3.    In the 1884 Treaty between the United States and Hawaii, the word "sovereignty" is
        mentioned.  What is sovereignty?  Why would sovereignty be a concern for the
        people of Hawaii?

4. What was the "Splendid Little War" that John Hay referred to when speaking to
           President Theodore Roosevelt?

5.    Why was it called the “Splendid Little War?”

6.    What U.S. battleship was sent to Cuba in January 1898 as a friendly gesture?
          Something happened to this "ship of peace".  What happened and what quickly
          took place as a result?

7.    Who was Captain Sigsbee?  What does he say happened to the Maine?

8.    What areas did the U.S. gain control of after the Spanish-American War?

9.    Why were Filipinos surprised when the U.S. took military control of their lands?

10.    Explain the Boxer Rebellion.

11.    Who was John Hay?  What is the policy that John Hay calls for in China?

12.     What deadly disease cost many workers their lives before Dr. William Gorgas found
           a treatment?

13.    What was the African saying that Theodore Roosevelt often used?  How do you
           think it applies to the issues of expansionism and imperialism?

14.    How many times did the U.S. send troops to Latin America between the eve of the
           Spanish-American war and the dawn of the Great Depression?

15.    What can both a well governed country and a poorly organized country expect from
           the United Stated according to Teddy Roosevelt?

16.    What was the name of the policy of economic expansion which was introduced by
           President William Howard Taft?

17.    Name the two individuals that worked with fifty-seven followers to conquer

18.    Who and what was the "Yellow Press" and how did they/it contribute to
           U.S. expansion?


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