Probable cause rethinking the jfk plot

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By Robin Haines
What the Book is About
Was the JFK assassination the result of the random crime or a politically motivated conspiracy?
Perhaps it was a perfectly legitimate convert intelligence operation of the US Government.
The author is the first theorist to take sides with the Intelligence Community. A moral motive is given for he assassination, along with the much more realistic explanation of the way the assassination was staged. She specifically discusses three men, who she claims are the most important figures involved with planning this assassination.
At the time when this theory was first written, most of these people were still living. However, by now they are deceased.
Could the truth of the matter really be that JFK really wasn’t murdered and that his death was deliberately stated – to appear to be a homicide?
The author claims the president voluntarily co-operated with his senior Intelligence Officers – in a massive deception which was carried out as a means of Civil Defense.
The possibility does exist that JFK has to die in order to save America. The Deception In Dallas may have been the only alternative to nuclear war.
In this book the author challenges both the Warren Commission findings as well as some ideas which have been presented by the criminal conspiracy theorists.



Why the JFK assassination was necessary

This simply written book is intended to send a powerful message to the American people, about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
As you may well know, Oliver Stone’s film – JFK The Story That Won’t Go Away, lead to an act of Congress, which by now has resulted in the declassification of many of the files and documents of that era.
As of this writing the controversy still lies between the Warren Report and the various conspiracy theories. Books have been written defending the Warren Report such as ‘Reclaiming History’ by Vincent Bugliosi, and ‘Case Closed’ by Gerald Pozner. While there are numerous conspiracy theories, the most commonly believed are those presented in the Oliver Stone movie, JFK, The Story That Won’t Go Away, and the book, ‘Blood Money’ by Barr McClellan.
President Clinton appointed a five-member panel called the Federal Assassinations Records Review Board to study these files and documents. In 1998 the member of this panel stated that they couldn’t find any evidence to indicate a conspiracy had taken place. However, they are still trying to determine whether Oswald was acting alone or if there was a conspiracy involved.
Most people consider the declassification process to be a farce. They know our government is still being dishonest with them about the circumstances that surround this Presidents death.

90 percent of the American people are convinced that there was a politically motivated criminal conspiracy within the United States Government to murder JFK in Dallas, only 10 percent, if that, believe the Warren Commission Report.

It can be very frightening to an average person to have something like this happen, and has so much information withheld from them by their government.
It can be even more disturbing to have other evidence surface at a later time. With this more recent evidence being deliberately slanted distorted and misrepresented – in such a manner as to give the impression that this was done with corrupt and malicious intent.
There is an overwhelming amount of evidence which has been brought forth over the decades – making Intelligence involvement in this matter apparent to the average person. On the other hand, it is my position that the criminal conspiracy theorists have been distorting, misconstruing, and misrepresenting this information pertaining to these tragic events. Without a doubt, this assassination was the main event of a series of events which were orchestrated and manipulated from within the U.S. government.
I want to prove that the Kennedy Assassination was not the result of a criminal conspiracy by the result of a massive Intelligence Deception that was staged from within the United States Government. It is the first time in modern history that a political assassination has ever been successfully carried out as an act of civil defense. I have evidence that can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the whole government is behind this and that it was done for a good reason.
The purpose of writing this book is to convince people that this assassination was a responsible action based on sound judgment. Just because evidence has surfaced making Intelligence involvement apparent to the average person does not mean their intentions were criminal There were some serious problems with this President’s behavior and conduct – which would have given these Intelligence Officers of the era a just provocation for an action of this nature.
They have been calling this a Conspiracy. I find that word inappropriate, since a conspiracy is a plot consisting of more than one person to do something evil, treacherous or sinister. Believe it or not, that is not what we are dealing with here. Political assassination is, for the most part, a terrible thing. It is usually carried out with corrupt and malicious intent. It is certainly not something people should resort to as a means of solving problems.
However, there are circumstances, which may arise, where it can be an effective means of civil defense. This is the only instance in which I would ever justify an assassination. When it is the only alternative to war. Even then, it should be used as a last resort.
As early as 1973, at the height of the Watergate Scandal, Dan Rather was the first to link E. Howard Hunt with the assassination of the CBS Radio Broadcast called Thinking the Unthinkable. There was enough evidence, as of 1979 to prove that E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Philips planned the staging of the Kennedy assassination. There were others like Cord Meyer, David Morales, William Harvey and Frank Sturgis, etc., etc., etc.
However, I did not want to get into too much depth or detail my objective was to keep this short and simple.
As the conspiracy theorists have claimed, thee was enough evidence to arrest these people by the late 1970s. My book will explain why that action was never taken.
However, as I said earlier, it is not really a crime under the circumstances for which they should be arrested, indicted, or prosecuted. However, what I have on the both of them is enough to take them into custody. I’m certain by now that Richard Helms is going to be the main man behind this. I’m sure he was the man who led the others and was running the show at the top.
Helms is the only man, who would have been in a high enough position within the government at the time, who would have been capable of this. He’s the only one who had the background in espionage to know how to stage a deception like this; he wouldn’t have had any religious or moral convictions that would have prevented him from doing this. He also had direct, personal access to the President, and was in a position where he had complete control over which information reached the Warren Commission. He is also the only man whose name is on the cover of some of the files. He was the Director or Plans (which is the Director of Operations today).
The person who holds this position has the responsibility of explaining a proposed operation to the President. He has to convince the President that an operation is necessary and justified, and get the Presidents written approval of the plan. This is usually a routine part of the D.O.’s job more so than it is the DECI’s. Richard Helms held that position at the time.
However, I want to prove that our government did this to protect us and not to terrorize us. I am the first conspiracy theorist to justify this assassination and the first person to take sides with the people who plotted the assassination. I want to be given a chance to prove that there was legal and moral justification for this.
This was an Intelligence deception designed to look like a political assassination, but the motives behind it are above and beyond politic. They just wanted it to appear as though the nations most admired and respected President was gunned down in cold blood by a crazed assassin for no apparent reason other than his own personal unhappiness and psychological problems. That was what they wanted people to believe who were living in the country at the time that Kennedy had been the victim of a crime! His death was brilliantly staged to appear to be a homicide, but it was really a deception, and a diversion, which was used to achieve an objective pertaining to our Civil Defense.
This is not the same thing as a conspiracy to murder him. Eventually, the cause of this President’s death will be changed. It will be looked upon as an act of clandestine espionage to prevent a major war from braking out between nations. It might be considered an unconventional alternative to war, or an act of Civil Defense to protect the civilian populations from catastrophic consequences. Today they would call this a massive black operation or a major National Security Event.
This was not done without the Presidents knowledge and consent, and the Vice President had also been informed about it so that he would be prepared to assume the Presidency afterwards. The Johnson Tapes, which were declassified in the mid 1990’s revealed evidenced of Lyndon Johnson’s knowledge of the reason for this assassination. He called Rose Kennedy on the phone on November 22, 1963 to express his condolence. His opening words were: You know Rose, we’re lucky!
Then he stuttered, and chocked as if trying to swallow his words, and then he said – We were lucky to have had your son as long as we did!
The United States has enjoyed more domestic National Security than any other country on the face of the earth. The Twentieth Century has been the most violent the world has ever seen. Perhaps as many as 200,000 million people have lost their lives, just during this century – due to wars, famines and other tragedies, caused by corrupt governments and mental illness in high places.
Our troops have been sent abroad to engage in foreign conflicts, but America has always remained safe from the ravages of war, which have devastated other nations.
During the forty years when we had an arms race with the Soviet Union – the missiles never launched.
The only reason why the birds never flew is because our Intelligence officers did this. The had to take the life of one man, which ended up costing a few lives, to save. The only reason why the birds never flew is because our Intelligence officers did this. They had to take the life of one man, which ended up costing a few lives, to save the lives of millions of innocent people who surely would have perished.
This is the first time a United States President had to leave office in a box to preserve world peace and to maintain the safety and security of the United States. But believe me, this was the reason our government did this, not for any of th4er ruthless, corrupt., malicious reasons, which were given in the Conspiracy books, and in the Oliver Stone movie – JFK!
JFK has what psychoanalysts today call a dissocial criminal reactive disorder. At least, this is the technical term for what commonly call the Godfather II syndrome of the second generation Mafia mentality. It is psychopathic personality disorder, which is caused by growing up in a family that is either involved with organized crime, of some other form of criminal activity. It produces an individual who will have a completely split personality, depending on who they are with, especially when it come to their character. In other words, it is a character disorder.
(Look up: dissocial, criminal, reactive disorder, psychopathic personality, abnormal personality development, abnormal psychology, social psychology, criminal psychology, compulsive sexual behavior or sexual addition caused by psychopathic personality) This is what caused the – Dark Side of Camelot controversy.
The condition is caused environmentally and it is also an environmental factor which triggers it off causing the individual to live with a Cameleon – he will be a different people at different times, depending on who he is with – something like Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde.
Joseph Kennedy allegedly made his millions in the Irish Syndicate during prohibition. These years were the most formative and most impressionable years of the young Kennedy boy’s lives. What they saw going on in their own home during these early childhood years gave them a distorted perception of morality. They saw their father living in two worlds, two different societies, which gave them the idea that society is split in two: Criminal Society and polite, civilized, legitimate society.
Therefore, they learned to behave differently, depending on whether they were in the company of respectable people who were legitimate, or if they were in the company of criminals, whores and moll, who were of the underworld. This psychopathic personality disorder is the underlying cause for Kennedy’s sexual addiction and his notorious womanizing. This condition made him an extremely dangerous man in the position he had obtained in our government. Although he has been educated at Harvard and had written Pulitzer Prize winning books, he was not able to reason morally and make morally responsible decisions that a President has to make in the White House.
The President was also taking many small – personal vacations from the White House. Very often, his wife did not know where he was, and neither did the White House staff. We all know by now – what he was doing – and how he was behaving when we went away. Since he certainly was not going away on official business, he would not sign power over to the Vice President. Therefore, if a national crisis had arisen while he was off gallivanting and womanizing, the Vice President would not have been able to act on his behalf.
Therefore, we were actually completely without a President at times during the most dangerous period in history.
The policies and tactics of the Kennedy administration were inviting the Soviets to a nuking party on American soil. Then, her was leaving his post, and traveling around the country to see his girl friends and to look for whores. If the Russians had attacked us they would have been annihilation our cities and killing millions of our people. Yet, we would not have been able to launch one single missile in our own defense.
Kennedy also suffered from Addison Disease. Apparently, his adrenal glands were burned out, this caused him to suffer severe pain in his lower back. He had become addicted to painkiller drugs. He was reported to have used cocaine and smoked marijuana. There is evidence that he was not only swallowing pain killer pills, but also being injected with large doses of pain killers by a so-called – Dr. Feelgood. He was being injected with amphetamines and methamphetamines which are hallucinogenic. There are also reports of him having been given shots of steroids, which also affect mental and emotional health.
Much as been documented about JFK having tripped on LSD with his mistress Mary Myer. She was the ex-wife of the Senior Intelligence Officer Cord Meyer. Apparently, she was able to obtain the acid from Dr. Timothy Leary. He had been working for the C.I.A. on the MK-ultra mind control program. Reportedly, she had been able to make this connection through her ex-husband.
In addition to the psychopathic criminal reactive disorder the use of these drugs would have further impaired his judgment.
This was also causing him to have other psychological problems n addition to the ones he already had.
The man was mentally, as well as, physically ill – to the point where he was unable to function. He could not execute the responsibilities of the office in a morally responsible manner. He was a – Clear and Present Danger, which is a direct and immediate threat to the safety and security of the United States. Not one man, woman or child living on the face of the earth was safe as long as that man was in that office.
The situation was Nuclear Pearl Harbor, just waiting to happen, asking to happen, begging to happen.
What Kennedy was doing, that was so bad they actually had to kill him, is that he was putting contracts out to foreign governments. He had ordered governments illegally overthrown by force and committed our troops to an illegal was we could not possible win.
I strongly disagree with the motive that was given for this in the Oliver Stone movie – JFK that people in our government had Kennedy killed so they could prolong a dirty little war on the other side of the world. The United States Government would not execute its own head of state to prolong a war.
The people who support the idea that Kennedy was killed because he changed his position on Vietnam are being irrational. I do feel compelled to challenge this theory.
For one thing, the law would not have allowed JFK to bring the troops home with an Executive Order. The President can commit troops to a foreign conflict with an Executive Order, but he wouldn’t be able to end the military operation just by signing another Executive Order.
He would have had to propose a bill and go through Congress. However, he wouldn’t have been very likely to succeed. If he had lived long enough the law would have allowed him to try. However, Congress would have voted it down.
Our government cannot commit to put – boots on the ground and they just pull them out! It’s a commitment on behalf of the United States Government. It’s not something the President can revoke by himself. For this reason, Congress would not have supported this.
So, the criminal conspiracy theorists idea that JFK was assassinated because he flip-flopped on Vietnam does not work.
However, the United Government would go to this length in order to prevent a war; a major war which would have been a Nuclear War and probably the end of the world.

Chapter Two

How they did it, basically

My theory shows how this operation was staged this in order to make it look like on man was acting alone has Oswald as one of the Assassins, but not the only assassin a Dealy Plaza. At first, I believed Oswald was to be the only assassin. Even though I was convinced that other shots were fired, I jumped to a rash conclusion – that the men on the knoll fired shots when they weren’t supposed to. This early theory of mine was a – Rush to Judgment on my part. At first I thought Oswald was supposed to be the only assassin. Then, others jumped in. By now, I know the other shots were planned.
In the fall of 2009, I began an email correspondence with Professor Jim Fetzer. He is now retired from the University of Minnesota, and writes articles for the Veterans Today Website. He has written many books on the subject of the JFK plot.
We found that we agree about many things. However, he still stands firmly behind the idea that Oswald was framed. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Oswald never left the lunch room. Professor Fetzer believes Oswald was standing in the front doorway of the book depository. His position – is that a photograph – was altered by superimposing Bill Lovelady’s head onto Oswald’s body.
Jin Fetzer also strongly disagrees with me about the President having been involved with his own assassination. He believes documents were signed by other people in other positions, but that the President did not sign an Executive Orders or authorization for this.
I do not believe this case was just built around Oswald – who was just an innocent – Patsy who they framed while other people did all the killing. I don’t think Oswald was in the lunch room quietly eating lunch while all this was going on, and that men walked into the building, went up on the roof and shot the President without being seen by anyone. It would have been very difficult and extremely risky for anyone to manufacture and then plant the evidence found at the snipers nest without being seen.
I used to believe that the knoll shots were a last minute mistake, which really weren’t supposed to be a part of this. These shots and the damage thy caused are what stirred up all the conspiracy controversy. This is what blew the government’s lone nut theory right from the start, so I doubted very much that all these shots were supposed to be fired. I didn’t think the people behind would be so stupid that they would deliberately and intentionally plan to create their own problem and then have to tamper with the evidence to cover up for it. Without the knoll shots they would have had a perfect Warren R4eport … this whole problem concerning the technical evidence would not have started up.
There would not have been this controversy about the throat wound being an entry wound or an exit wound, nor would they have had to account for all the multiple bullet fragments which were dug out of John Connally’s wrist while the magic bullet remained intact. There also would have been no reason for them to tamper with or alter the body or the medical reports. In other words, the government would not have had to explain how this one bullet did all the damage.
By now however, I am sure the knoll shots will turn out to be a deliberate part of the plan.

Richard Helms only would have had to withhold information from the Warren Investigation that would like the CIA with this. Back in those days, they never would have suspected that the people there were depending on investigating this for they were in fact the same people who had set the whole thing up! Richard Helms had complete control over what evidence would reach the Warren Commission. Richard Helms was the liaison between the CIA and the Warren Commission.

I see at least seven shots and at least three assassins. My theory has Oswald as one of the assassins, with one behind the wall on the knoll and the other behind the fence in the parking lot. There may have been as many as six assassins with as many as ten shots, but I am not sure.
I’ve changed my beliefs about how the assassination occurred from what they were at one time. I used to believe that Oswald killed Kennedy and the knoll shots were secondary. I believed Oswald and the assassin behind the wall fired, almost simultaneously. The first shot missed the limousine, while the second, from the knoll caught Kennedy in the throat. The third, Connaly felt, in his back.
This bullet exited his chest and came to rest in his thigh. This was the magic bullet they found on the stretcher. The fourth came from behind the fence in the parking lot, which caused the multiple bullet fragments which were dug out of Connelly’s wrist. The fifth shot, which was fatal to the President, came from Oswald’s gun. In other words, when I first started writing this I thought there were three gunmen, five shots. Now I am convinced there will probably be as many as six gunmen and as many as 10 shots.
I have changed my mind about the technical evidence. I am now convinced that the fatal shot to the President’s head came from behind the fence in the parking lot.
There was a wound in Kennedy’s back. It was in the middle of his back – to far down for this bullet to have traveled upward and exited from his throat. This is probably what happened to Oswald’s last shot if in fact, the fatal shot came from the front.
The reason why the knoll shots were fired – is probably because of their fear … just the sheer terror at the thought of what was going to happen if Oswald missed.
Oswald’s ability as a marksman was in great question. Some people had expressed the opinion that he was an expert marksman.
There were others who said he could not hit the broad side of a barn. Some of his buddies from the marines said this, so did DeMortenschild, who was a Russian friend of Oswald. When the KGB files were declassified this proved to be their opinion as well.
They said in their opinion, he would not have been capable of this. He apparently had belonged to a Hunting Club over in Russia, and they said he could not even kill a rabbit. Someone had to kill the rabbit for him.
That is why Jim Garrison and the others who support his views believe Oswald was actually framed.
Perhaps, the success or failure of this operation was all that stood between world peace and nuclear war. The fate of the human race may have rested Oswald’s marksmanship.
Initially, they probably planned t just use Oswald – I don’t see where it would have benefited the people behind this to have Oswald framed.
Perhaps they knew that we were not going to see another Christmas if Kennedy had not died that day in Dallas! Perhaps, the Doomsday Clock was about to strike twelve. They knew that the Birds were really going to fly if Oswald had missed.
This would have been Oswald’s first kill. He had never taken a human life before. It was indeed questionable whether or not he would really be able to kill the President.
The medical evidence was tampered with – to try to cover up for the damage caused by the Knoll shots.
This is what caused all the conspiracy controversy to start up. Otherwise, the files would have been sealed and the book on this would have been closed in 1964.
Without the technical controversy, Jim Garrison would not have been able to prosecute Clay Shaw. Whatever he had on him would not have been enough to take the case to court.
Mark Lane would not have been able to write Rush to Judgment, Ed Epstein would not have been able to write – Inquest – The hearings, which were held in the late seventies, would not have taken place. Again, it was all this technical controversy that re-opened the investigation at the time.
However, it was a mistake for them to have used Clay Shaw of New Orleans for this because of the problem with his personal life. I’m referring to the homosexual relationship between Clay Shaw and David Ferrie. This caused a security leak.
Oswald was psychologically capable of political assassination. He was very unhappy, frustrated young man who had a lot of hostility in him. He had a gun and he knew how to use it. Therefore I cannot buy the idea that Oswald was framed.
By 1963, Oswald’s mental condition was deteriorating. He really was getting to the point where he was becoming a threat to society. Up until the last year of his life, Lee Harvey Oswald was – for the most part, a lot of noise. He just liked to talk. He had a bad attitude about him, but he really was not dangerous.
However, by the Spring of 1963, he purchased two guns. He went stalking a U.S. Army General named John Walker in April of 1963. Then he fired on a United States General – because he had quit the army to join the John Birch society. He was beating up on Marina – where before he would never hit her. She had to lock him in the bathroom to prevent him from shooting Richard Nixon. Then, he wrote the note to FBI Agent Hosty – threatening to blow up the FBI office with two bombs.
So you can see where they had to do something with him – to protect people – innocent people like Marina and her two babies. With the way he was getting, he could have come home one night and used that gun on Marina and those two kids and then turned the gun on himself. His mind was really going.
They had a man who would do this for them, without being asked to and without being paid. All they had to do was feed him certain High Level Intelligence information which they knew would anger Oswald enough to make him decide of his own accord to kill the President. He was manipulated, in other words. Instead of planting false evidence in the sniper’s nest, they simply planted information which they knew would anger Oswald enough to make him decide of his own accord to kill the President. He was manipulated, in other words. Instead of planting false evidence in the snipers nest, they simply planted information with the sniper – which they knew would cause him to react this way.
There was no reason for them to go through the trouble or take the unnecessary risks they’d have had to take in order to frame an innocent man. They just had to strike the match and light the fuse. The dynamite was already in his head. They just had to ignite it.
I titled my book “Probable Cause” because there was enough evidence to arrest some of these people, by the last 1970’s.
However, I do not believe this is really going to be a criminal case.
Some of the ideas I express in this book are decades old. I began writing my ideas on this down, back in 1980, ’81, ’82 and ’83. After the Congressional and Senate Hearings on the JFK assassination books like Best Evidence, Conspiracy and The Plot to Kill the President, etc., etc., etc. started coming out.
When I read the books, which were published containing the evidence of conspiracy I found that two names had been leaked during the Swiker/Hart hearings in 1979.
At first I didn’t suspect that these two names – E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Phillips – were dropped on purpose.
E. Howard Hunt wrote mystery books. I thought that David Atlee Phillips wrote the same kind of books Hunt wrote. The man I was thinking about turned out to be James Atlee Phillips. So far, nobody had stopped to think about these books!
During his lifetime, E. Howard hunt wrote and published 88 books. 85 of them were short spy thrillers, two autobiographies and a documentary about the Bay of Pigs called “Give Us This Day”. His friend Phillips has written and published about 30. I do not know whether or not you are familiar with their books, but in case you are not, I will tell you what their books are like and what they write about.
Howard Hunt’s early books are something like the old Dashied Hammet novels, or the Raymond Chandler Marlowe Books like “The Lady in the Lake” or “The Big Sleep”. Some of them remind me a lot of the Saint books by Leslie Charteris. His early espionage novels are something like the Graham Greene’s old books such as “Our Man in Havana”, “This Gun for Hire”, “The Third Man” or “Confidential Agent”. By the sixties his style changed to become something like early Frederick Forsythe – “The Day of the Jackal” or “The Odessa File”. His books tend to lack character development. The emphasis is mainly on the plot, which is why they have fallen a little short of being best seller material. However, his books read like roller coaster ride where you cannot see the tracks. They are intensely suspenseful. He really does know how to write a real thriller.
The other man, David Atlee Phillips had an older brother names James Atlee Phillips. He was a famous author of spy thriller books, as well as an Intelligence Officer in the C.I.A. I admit I’d made the mistake of assuming that James Atlee Phillips and David Atlee Phillips were one and the same guy.
James Atlee Phillips was commonly called Jim Phillips. He wrote a series of books during the 1950’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s. He used to publish his books under the pen name - Phillip Atlee.
The 26 books written by jim Phillips AKA Phillip Atlee always had the word Contract at the end of the title. This is why they became known as the Contract series. His books reminded me of the Nick Carter books, the Matt Helm books by Donald Hamilton, or the Executioner series by Don Pendleton.
After David Atlee Phillips retired from the C.I.A. in 1975 he did write, and published five books of his own. His autobiography is called “Night Watch”. He wrote a documentary, “The Great Texas Murder Trials”, a novel called – “The Terror Brigade” and “Careers in Secret Operations”. His first published novel was called – “The Carlos Contract”. The title of this book is what mislead me to assume that he had written all these other books, about Joe Gayle. I didn’t suspect at the time that David Phillips had deliberately chosen to end the title of his first novel – “Contract” so that people would think he had written all his brother’s books!
Memories had come to me from when I was just a kid. Because of his close friendship with E. Howard Hunt, and because of the similarity of their names, I just took it for granted that David Phillips was the Phillips Atlee who wrote all the successful novels from the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70. I never thought that there would have been another man, working as an Intelligence Officer for the CIA around the same time – who would have had the same middle and last name.
Both Phillips and Hunt worked together in Guatemala in 1954 and then later during the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. They both wrote about relationship in their own autobiographies. Hunt discussed their relationship in their own autobiographies. Hunt discussed their relationship in his book “Give Us This Day”.
You may be wondering where these books fit in with the Kennedy Conspiracy. Believe it or not, these books are the due to how they staged his assassination. I have both Hunt and Phillips on the motives, the methods by which the crime was committed and the fact that there is significant evidence, which strongly indicates that they had the opportunity to commit the crime in this manner.
However, I do not see this as a crime that was committed, but as an Intelligence deception, which was brilliantly staged to look like a crime had been committed. That was the whole idea.
So that the whole world would be in such a state of shock because of the tragic events in Dallas, that hopefully, whoever was going to declare Nuclear War on us might decide to back down and forget about it. They would wait then to see what the new leader was going to be like, and what he was going to do.
If the conditions in the world which were leading to was improved with the change in the administration, then, there wouldn’t be any reason to have to go to war with the United States.
Now let me explain where these books fit in.
Anyone who writes mysteries knows that you cannot prosecute someone for murder using the power of suggestion. People are considered legally and morally responsible for their own actions. This means that no matter what you might say to someone, which may suggest the idea of murder. No matter what you said to them, the intent to kill enters their own minds of their own accord, and they are considered solely responsible for their own behavior.
In addition, anyone who writes mysteries has to be able to understand people and their motives. Especially when it comes to what motivates them to kill and commit murder. To a mystery write, everyone is capable of murder… it is just a

matter of having enough motives!

Understanding people’s motives for murder is very important in mystery writing.
The way they set their assassins off was to feed them certain intelligence information that they knew will anger them enough to make the kill …whoever they want to out of the way.
The people they used for this were human time bombs, were emotionally unstable misfits. These guys in the CIA just figured out what to say to these people, that would make them of their own accord decide to kill someone they wanted to be killed. In other words, they would just apply a little psychology and let them do the rest.
For example, all Hunt had to tell Oswald is that Kennedy ordered Castro’s assassination. Knowing Oswald’s sympathies and where his loyalties lie, and knowing his resentments, he deliberately fed Oswald information about all the espionage activity that was being committed against Castro and the Cuban Government at the time, and make it very dear to him that Kennedy was behind it.
Upon learning of this, he was so outraged that he, of his own accord, decided to try to kill the President. At that time in our history, very few people could have known that Kennedy had ordered Fidel Castro’s assassination. Howard Hunt suggested this idea to Kennedy in 1961. We know by now that Kennedy eventually did order Castro assassinated and even involved the Mafia in these attempts, so who would have know this at the time… besides E. Howard Hunt?
All they had to tell Ruby is that Oswald was going to get away with it! The way Jack Ruby had been behaving would have drawn their attention to him, if they did not already know him. I personally believe that the decision to use Ruby to kill Oswald was made sometime after Oswald was already in custody for the murder of Officer Tippit. So far, I really cannot tell just where the murder of the cop fits in.
However, they probably told Ruby that because Oswald was never read his legal rights when he was arrested, he’d been held in custody for more than 24 hours without being appointed an attorney, and he’d made statements both to the police as well as to the public without consent of an attorney. This would have thrown his case out court.
Therefore, it is easy to figure out that this was Ruby’s motive for killing Oswald. The nightclub owner who loved John F. Kennedy was not going to let the person who murdered his hero in cold blood get off scott free on a legal technicality. So he made up his mind that he was not going to let him get away with it. He knew he had cancer and would be dead within a few short years, so he had nothing to lose by it.
Perhaps now you see where these mystery books tie in with this and how these books are the clues to who the human minds are behind the Kennedy curse.
There is a ton of evidence linking Hunt and Phillips to this assassination and evidence which links Howard Hunt directly to Oswald. If I were to try to include all the evidence of E. Howard Hunts’ involvement with the Kennedy assassination we would have a book that wouldn’t even fit on shelf. We would need a whole bookcase and maybe more. I believe that when you add my new evidence – to the other evidence of Hunt’s involvement – we had enough evidence to establish a – probable cause for his arrest and for the arrest of many of the other people connected to this. Yet, I am sure that these people are not going to be guilty of any crime. At least not for this.
Just as the first publication of this book went to press, E. Howard Hunt passed away. At that time, I was unaware of the extensive confessions that E. Howard Hunt had given his son, Saint John Hunt.
In the fall of 2009 I went on the Internet to see if any new information had come out – which would support my theories. The first thing I came across was an article in Rolling Stone magazine. It was titled The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt. It surprised me that he had done a lot of talking during his last years. He had given his son, Saint John a lot of information.
I contacted Saint John, and began a correspondence with him via email. He had written a book, about his relationship with his late father, and the confessions that he’d extracted from him between 2003 and 2006. I bought the manuscript for his book – Bonds of Secrecy and a DVD with the same title as the Rolling Stones article.
Saint John’s story should have been front page news. Yet, the press really played it down, practically blackballing it. I was surprised that he faced such an uphill battle with the book publishers and the news media. He had been on a program called Inside Edition but other than the media really killed his story.
Anyhow, Saint John Hunt finally published his book, by 2011 and it was released for sale by the end of 2012. Jess Ventura, the last of the show – Conspiracy Theory wrote the forward, which was not in the manuscript.
I strongly recommend reading this book Bonds of Secrecy. It should be a BEST-SELLER. Saint John has proven that he has his late father’s talent as a writer.

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