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  • 1) Have participants form a straight line across the room about an arm's length apart, leaving space in front and behind.
  • 2) Read the Purpose from above, to help provide context for the exercise.
  • 3) State the following: Listen to the following statements, and follow the instructions given.
    • For example, when read "If you have blue eyes, take one step forward," only people with blue eyes will move and everyone else will stand still. Each step should be an average length step. This activity should be done in silence and if anyone feels uncomfortable stepping forward and backward on any statement I read, then please stay where you are, but remember the statement read. This is an introspective exercise and it's important for you to understand how privilege affects your life. but it is not designed to make you share things which you don't wish to share.
  • 4) Read the statements one at a time allowing time for participants to take a step. 

  • The Privilege Walk Exercise - Dolores Huerta Foundation

    A virtual event proceeds in much the same way as an in-person event except the method of illustrating privilege is done through a Miro board.

    This option also allows an opportunity for a small level of anonymity if participants choose to use fake or made-up names.

    *Be advised, this is an electronic medium so there is still a potential for users to ascertain who a user is based on their login.


    Sample Virtual Privilege Walk:

    Sample Agenda
    • Tech Check
    • Welcome
    • Introductions
    • Housekeeping-Rules, Miro, Chat
    • Explanation of Advantage Walk
    • Advantage Statements
    • Discussion Questions
    • Process Questions - If time permits.
    • "Where do we go from here?"
    • Recommended Reading

    Download 1.88 Mb.

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