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[10] This term, which describes the biological aging of cells or organisms, is the process by which diploid cells lose their ability to divide. In plants, ethylene gas stimulates ripening as well as this process in flowers and leaves.

ANSWER: cellular senescence

[10] Senescence is minimal in this genus of small freshwater cnidarians. These organisms, consisting of several tentacles and a two-layer-thick cylinder of cells, exhibit budding and impressive regenerative abilities.

20. Radcliffe-Brown proposed that this concept, exemplified by Melanesian “mana,” enforced social values. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this concept which, along with “Coral Gardens,” titles a Malinowski book which analyzes agricultural practices of Trobriand Islanders. In “A General Theory of” this concept, Mauss contrasts it with religion.

ANSWER: magic

[10] This anthropologist suggested that societies first believed in magic, before progressing to religion and science, in his tome of comparative mythology, The Golden Bough.

ANSWER: James George Frazer

[10] Frazer connected the myth of Danae to these rituals for pubertal girls, and Arnold van Gennep described them as breaking off into a new social state. During Poy Sang Long, Burmese monks-to-be undergo this by imitating Buddha’s path to enlightenment.


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