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Nutcracker [or Shchelkunchik]
Round 05 – Bonuses
1. Lygia exclaims,“The whole city seems on fire!” during Emperor Nero’s reign in one of his novels. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Polish novelist of Quo Vadis. He also wrote the historical series The Trilogy, which details the battles of Andrzej Kmicic in its middle volume, The Deluge.

ANSWER: Henryk Sienkiewicz [or Litwos]

[10] The first volume of Sienkiewicz’s The Trilogy is a novel titled With Fire and [this item]. Durendal is an example of one of these items, described in the Matter of France as owned by a paladin of Charlemagne.

ANSWER: sword

[10] That aforementioned paladin is this man, who dies at the battle of Roncevaux Pass after blowing the horn Oliphant. His exploits are detailed in a namesake 12th century Song.

ANSWER: Roland
2. It was founded in 1775, with Benjamin Franklin as its chief officer. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this government agency which began selling 5 cent stamps for letters weighing less than an ounce in 1847. This constitutionally authorized agency annually performs Operation Santa Claus.


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