Prison Bowl VI questions written and edited by Hunter College High School

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Prison Bowl VI

Questions written and edited by Hunter College High School (Sam Brochin, Swathi Chakrapani, William Dou, David Godovich, Lily Goldberg, Jason Gurevitch, Willie Ha, Sarah Hamerling, Sophey Ho, Brian Huang, Sayema Islam, Jonathan Lin, Brent Morden, Alex Moschetti, Tenzin Norzin, Wilton Rao, Ruth Schoenfeld, Priya Srikumar, Karina Xie, Marianna Zhang, and Zihan Zheng)

Round 05 – Tossups
1. This statement can be generalized to other extensive properties, such as in the Bordwell thermodynamic cycle. When applying this law, one needs to know standard values for the property in question, which is -105 kilojoules per mole for propane. By comparing the standard enthalpy change of formation to the enthalpy required to make gaseous ions, this statement can be used to calculate the lattice energy in the Born-Haber cycle. It is also known as “the law of constant heat summation”. For 10 points, name this law stating that the total enthalpy change of a reaction is the same regardless of the steps taken in completing the reaction, named for a Russian chemist.

ANSWER: Hess’s law

2. This figure was deceived by his brother into abdicating the throne of Tollan, and in another myth, he struck down that brother, who proceeded to destroy mankind. In some myths, a crocodilian goddess gave birth to him while still a virgin, but in most versions of his birth, Ometeotl was his parent. He helped to kill Cipactli and created the earth, but did not lose a foot like Tezcatlipoca did. His brother was Xolotl, the god of the dead. This god was depicted as very colorful, and the world’s largest pyramid dedicated to his worship. For 10 points, name this Aztec patron of knowledge and god of the wind, whose name means “feathered serpent”.


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