Princess Diana theory David Icke’s Theory

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Princess Diana theory

David Icke’s Theory:

Merovingians (from Paris) worshiped the goddess Diana.

Anri Paul was victim of MK Ultra type Trauma Based Mind Control where an amnesic barrier is placed (example Icke gives is in a car accident how the mind shuts down). He was given a trigger to conduct the program he was given.

Car hit the 13th pillar. The number 13 is shown throughout all of ancient symbolism as a combination of 12 and 1 (ex: Zodiac, months, etc.)

Symbolism is key in the ritualistic murder.

Night of murder they took a longer route from the Ritz towards Dodi Fayed’s apartment, going out of their way to go through the Pont D’Alma tunnel.

Pont D’Alma means passage of the moon goddess (Diana=moon goddess).

Bodyguard Trevor Reese Jones put his seatbelt on just prior to entering the tunnel (bodyguards don’t wear seat belts, AND there was a photo taken a minute earlier in which he is shown without a seatbelt). He said he doesn’t remember why he put his seatbelt on.

Diana is the positive moon energy. There is also an Akaty malevolent force at a crossroads.

Diana lived through crash, held in tunnel, took over 90 minutes to get her to hospital. The symbolic ritual required her to die in this underground chamber as a sacrifice to Diana goddess.

Cameras all around the tunnel (17 of them) from the Ritz to the tunnel weren’t filming for whatever reason.

Top of Pont de l’Alma tunnel has the flame (same flame seen on the Paris and NYC statues) on a black pentagram where the flowers for Diana are placed. The black pentagram is satanic.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is on an ancient Diana moon goddess ritual site, and this is where her and Prince Charles were married.

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