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Apportunity Knocks

It seems like these days there’s an app for everything, everywhere. But what is the real opportunity it presents for the TV industry? What are the threats, challenges and pitfalls? Which TV-related apps have proved most popular so far and how do you go about commissioning one? How do you maximize its value? Do you even really need one? Apportunity Knocks is everything you could ever want to know about what apps can do for you as a TV content professional.


Tess Alps, CEO, Thinkbox.
Panel includes

  • Luke Bradley-Jones, Brand Director, TV, BSkyB

  • Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Director, ITV


All Fun & Games

Gaming is the new kid on the block; a multi-billion dollar industry that has redefined its role as a side player to TV and film, to take centre stage. It has taken on a life of its own, developed new narratives to connect with audiences and threatens to overshadow the traditional players. What’s behind this change, what does the future hold for gaming, and what – if anything – can TV learn from the industry’s new golden child?


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