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Press Releases & Updates 2000

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UK Citizen to be Deported after Action at Netherlands Nuclear Weapon Base

UK Citizen to be Deported after Action at Netherlands Nuclear Weapon Base

Activists Arrested at Volkel Airbase

A UK citizen is to be deported from the Netherlands next Wednesday after taking part in a crime prevention action at the Volkel airbase near Eindhoven, which is used by US aircraft armed with nuclear weapons.

David Heller (24), a university lecturer from Hull who is currently working in Belgium with the For Mother Earth campaign, was one of ten activists who cut their way into the base on Wednesday 27th December. They were able to take photographs of the section of the base used by the US nuclear weapons personnel before being arrested. Also arrested was Mark Akkerman (20), a student from the Netherlands who is, like David Heller, a member of the Trident Ploughshares campaign. Mark has had a number of arrests in the UK for actions against the Trident bases on the Clyde.

Earlier the activists had gone to the local police to report a breach of the law by Netherlands government leaders - their involvement in a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide through the use of nuclear weapons. The police refused to take immediate action and the activists then saw it as their duty to undertake the crime prevention themselves. It is an open secret in the Netherlands that there are US nuclear weapons in the Volkel base. Over the years activists have collected documentary and visual evidence of this covert deployment.

David Heller said:

"They have accused the wrong people. They should have arrested the Prime Minister and Foreign minister of the Netherlands. I’m being deported because I am a threat to public order when the real threat is the nuclear weapons at Volkel."

Ironically, a Trident Ploughshares activist from the Netherlands is due to face trial at Dumbarton Sheriff Court next Thursday (4th January) for taking part in a blockade of Faslane naval base last February. In the papers calling her to court Marjan Willemsen (23), currently at Faslane Peace Camp, has been advised that if she is found guilty the court may recommend to the Home Secretary that she be deported


Tommy Sheridan Released Tomorrow

21st December 2000

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