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14 January 2013

Large all-glass façades designed to save energy

Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI façade system
Bielefeld/Munich. Designing large building façades with an all-glass or semi-structural glazing look significantly improves their appearance. Low heat transfer coefficients can also be achieved using double or triple insulating glass. For this area of use, Schüco International KG offers an innovative, thermally insulated solution with the Schüco FW 50+ SG and FW 60+ SG mullion/transom façades, and a highly thermally insulated solution with the Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI or FW 60+ SG.SI system with triple insulating glass.
The Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI and FW 60+ SG.SI façade systems provide high-quality solutions for the building envelope both in terms of technology and architecture. This structural glazing façade permits maximum dimensions of 2600 mm x 4200 mm. It is also possible to support large glass loads of up to 600 kg per transom by means of system articles. For triple glazing, the façade systems allow for glass thicknesses of up to 64 mm.
The profiles of the all-glass façade are only visible on the room side and create a flush-fitted façade look. From the outside, only glass surfaces with slender joints are visible.
The SG façades can be designed with both an all-glass look and a semi-structural glazing look. A variety of architectural features can be created by using the wide range of cover caps to produce horizontal or vertical emphasis on the façade. The technical parameters of the SG façade provide architects with a great deal of design freedom.
However, this does not mean compromising on thermal insulation as the Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+ façade systems are already thermally insulated when they are designed as SG façades, and the highly thermally insulated SG.SI versions even achieve passive house standard. Many of the components help to achieve these low U values; an isolator system, consisting of SI isolators and pre-fillers, together with triple insulating glass ensure excellent thermal insulation with Uf values from 0.9 W/(m²K).
A further benefit of this Schüco façade system is its compatibility with other Schüco components. The Schüco AWS 114, AWS 114 SG, AWS 114.SI and AWS 114 SG.SI integrate seamlessly into the appearance of the all-glass façades. They can be used as outward-opening, projected top-hung or parallel-opening vents, and are suitable for safety barrier loading due to the use of a limiting stay. They can be operated manually or by means of Schüco TipTronic concealed mechatronic fittings. With a maximum vent weight of 250 kg, large-scale solutions are also possible.
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Picture credits: Schüco International KG

Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI structural glazing façade system, highly thermally insulated version

View of the Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI structural glazing façade with outward-opening projected top-hung and parallel-opening vents from the AWS 114 window series.

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