Press Kit Women At War Forgotten Veterans of Desert Storm a documentary film by Christie Davis & Dennis Davis contact

DENNIS DAVIS (Director of Photography/Editor/Composer, co-Producer)

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DENNIS DAVIS (Director of Photography/Editor/Composer, co-Producer)

Dennis Davis is a multi-talented cinematographer, editor, musician, composer, singer-songwriter. Currently, he’s the DP, editor and composer for the documentary feature “Women At War: Forgotten Veterans of Desert Storm.”

In addition, he shot, edited and composed the score for “Beyond Babylon,” a documentary short that screened at film festivals world-wide. His song “Regret To Inform” plays under the end credits of Barbara Trent’s documentary short “Soldiers Speak Out.” As co-owner of Chris/Den Productions, he’s filmed many award-winning theatrical productions including Julie Harris’s “Belle of Amherst.” Dennis won an AFI/SONY “Visions of America” award for the music video “Jesús.”

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