President George Washington Won by Unanimous vote

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A New Nation
1st President – George Washington

  • Won by Unanimous vote

  • John Adams – Vice President

  • Nominated first chief justice to the Supreme Court – John Jay

  • Appointed Cabinet Heads

First Congress -

  • Set up Cabinet with 3 departments

  • Established a federal court system

  • Approved Bill of Rights

  • Created a National Bank

  • Created office of Attorney General – to handle legal matters

First Cabinet

Thomas Jefferson- Secretary of State

Alexander Hamilton – Secretary of Treasury

Henry Knox – Secretary of War/ Defense

Edmund Randolph- Attorney General
Judiciary Act of 1789 –

  • Congress established a federal court system with 13 district courts and 3 circuit courts to serve the nation.

  • Federal courts could reverse state court decisions

Alexander Hamilton

  • Secretary of the Treasury

  • Wanted Gov. to pay off all their debts. There was opposition to this in the south.

  • Compromise with the southern states made the nations capital move from Philadelphia to a newly created city which Became Washington DC.

  • Proposed Tariffs- taxes on imported goods.

** The New Government clashed over control of the Northwest Territory.**

Whiskey Rebellion.

  • 500 people rioted

  • Farmers protested a tax on Whiskey and attacked tax collectors.

  • Washington sent army in to stop rebellion

  • Citizens of US aware that changes to laws need to occur through peaceful and constitutional means

  • Served notice that the Gov. would use force to maintain peace.

Government Actions – Results
1)Action –

Treaty of Greenville


Native American gave up most of their lands in present-day Ohio for white settlement.


Proclamation of Neutrality

Result –

Prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war between France and England


Jay’s Treaty


British agreed to withdraw from American soil.

4)Action –

Pinckney’s Treaty


Gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi river.

The First Political Parties

  1. Strong role of Federal Gov.

  2. Loose interpretation of the constitution

  3. Led by Alexander Hamilton

  4. Representative Gov.

Democratic Republican

  1. Weak role of the Federal Gov.

  2. Strong State Gov.

  3. Strict interpretation of the constitution.

  4. Created by Thomas Jefferson

  5. People participate in Gov.

Go to page 269 and fill in the last 3 for each political party.

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