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Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. BOX 817, Sparta, N.C. 28675
President: Bessie McMillan

Vice President: Mildred Torney

Secretary-Treasurer: Lou Reid Landreth

Vol. 7, No.1 March 1985 BULLETIN NO. 22

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW OFFICERS, President: Mrs. Bessie McMillan and Vice President: Mrs. Mildred Torney. And a big thanks to outgoing President, Wilma Foster and Vice President, Pear Reeves.
We are looking forward to a new year of work in the Society. Hopefully, we will be winding up some of our old projects and get into some new ones.
In this Bulletin you will find a list of members who have currently paid 1985 dues, which is not much more than half of our regular membership, so please pay up! We desperately need your support.
CORRECTION—Items in Alleghany County Heritage
Mr. Lawrence Wood of Franklin, NC requested that we put a correction in the Bulletin for the Larkin Holbrook article in the Heritage book. We mistakenly picked up the title name of the article and stated that Larkin was the father of W.K. Holbrook who lived in Sparta. Actually Larkin was W.K.’s grandfather. We should have stated that David Holbrook was the father of W.K. We regret this mistake as well as the omission of some of the older ancestors of this family, although they did not have roots in Alleghany County.

Member Timothy Reeves has expressed concern over a bogus genealogical book being advertised under the name of THE REEVES FAMILY HERITAGE by Beatrice Bayley, Sterling, PA. Many of us here in this area (and probably all over the country) have received a card from Ms. Bayley with an offer of such a book covering the heritage of our family surname. These books appear to be little more than a listing of living persons of a particular surname, compiled from telephone directories nationwide. BEWARE! Don’t be taken in by this type of advertising.
From Delwood S. Jackson, Cincinnati, Ohio:

  1. John Allen Woodruff, listed as Allen Woodruff in several records, was born 28 April 1766 and died in 1832 in Ashe County, NC.

His son John M. Woodruff married Candace Crouse. Who were her parents?

His dau. Phoebe Woodruff married Hamilton Blevins. Who were his parents?

His son Henry Woodruff married Cintha Douglass. Who were her parents?

His son Andrew Jackson Woodruff married Nancy ______. Who was she?

His son Young Allen Woodruff married Celia______. Who was she?

His grandson Aaron Woodruff married Pharaby Caudle. Who were her parents?

  1. Morgan Bryan, son of Francis Bryan, has several children in Alleghany County. Lucy married Henderson Cheek; Sarah married Archibal Edwards; Rosa married Columbus Fulton; Bettie, Sally and Phoebe married a Mr. Murphy, Mr. Jentry, or a Mr. Couch. Would like to know the background and descendants of the husbands and which daughter married which of the last three husbands. The children of Morgan Bryan were born 1816-1836.

From Mrs. Delfa Ellis Illinois
Would like to hear from anyone about following Atwoods and Royals:
Descendants of Thomas Atwood and Polly Stellman who came from Surry in 1828, had 12 children: June, John, Nathan, George, Franklin, Catherine, Elizabeth, James, Jesse, Emeline, Mary, Thomas Jr.
Also descendant of Thomas Royal, 1795 Va., married first in Wilkes, was in Ashe 1820. 1830 is married to another wife. In 1850 his 2nd wife Sarah was living with dau. Ann who m. Richard Sanders. Thomas was living on Elk Creek with Rosana Sanders and Thomas Royal, Jr. 17, next door to Thomas Atwood.
Mrs. Eliis is from Thomas Royal and 2nd wife Sarah _______? What was her name and who were her parents? Her children: Wilson m. Anders, Ann m. Richard Sanders, John m. Jane Atwood. John and Jane went to Ky. 1860 and he was killed in Civil War 1865 and he had a baby 1865.
From Marilyn J. Anderson San Francisco
Would like to correspond with any descendants or persons having information on Jesse Hill b. ca 1789/90 NC, was resident of Ashe County in 1815, d. 5 Feb 1855 IL. His children were:
Jon Hill b. ca 1808 NC; d. 1852 Hardin Co. Iowa; m. 1-Lydia Maiden (Maden) 2-Cathorine Maden.

Daniel b. NC; d. KS (?)

William b. NC; d. TX (?) after Civil War

Susanna b. 1814 NC; d. 12 Mar 1902 OR; m. 27 Nov 1831 IND to Nathaniel Moxley.

Nancy b. 1819; d 14 Nov 1891 ID; m. Samuel Geer 1842 IL

Zachariah b. ca 1827 IND; d. 1854 IL.

Jesse Jr. b. ca 1827 IND (twin); d. OR; m. Lydia_____?

Sarah b. ca 1830 IND; m. Ebenezer Huffman 1844.

Daughter name unknown m. James Walker IL (b. 183_?).
From Linda D. Barlage, South Carolina
Would like to receive obituaries on the following who died in Alleghany County: Thomas C. Douglas, d. after July 1898, before 1899; Matilda Douglas, d. between 1870-1880; Richard Douglas, d. before 1891; John Douglas, d. between 1830-1840; and Margaret Douglas, d. between 1850-1860.

Starlin Edwards I want you to give my land to Marthia Wiles and Polly Wiles divide it between them equally and the money that is coming to me I want all of my sisters to have their equal part nary one left out. Give Marthia Wiles and Polly Wiles their part of my money. I want Berry Edwards to have my cloth close and I want David Edwards to have my slate and B all of my books if I never come home. I want Father and Mother to live on my land their lifetime and then I want Marthia Wiles and Polly Wiles to have my land between them. I remain your most affectionate brother until death.
/s/ James Wiles

To Starlin Edwards
North Carolina)

Alleghany Cty.) Court of Pleas and Quarter

Sessions, Jany Term 1863
The within will was duly proven in open court by the oath of (?) A.B. Cox and Sevis (Lewis?) Wiles and ordered to be recorded.
Horton S. Reeves C.C.C.

July the 17th 1862.

I Reeve Crows of Alleghany Co. and State of N.C. do this day make and publish this my last will and testament in the way and manner hereafter described.
My will is in the first place that all my just debts be paid out of my money on such property as my wife Caroline Crows thinks she can best be sparred and I will Mary Spurlin one cow and bed furniture and such other things as Caroline may think right to give to her. After that, I will all the rest to my wife Caroline to have during her life or widowhood and if she should marry, then I want my estate to be sold and equally divided between my living children and wife, share and share alike. And if my wife does not marry when the children come of age then my will is that my wife Caroline Crows have the privilege of dividing such things with them as she may think fit so as to divide as equal as possible with them. And I further appoint B. Edwards Sen. and Starlin Edwards my true and lawful executors whereof I, the said Reeves Crows, have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and date above written.

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us:

/s/ Reeves Crows (seal)

D. Holbrooks

John Higgins

North Caroline) Court of Pleas and Quarter

Alleghany County) Sessions, Jan. Term 1865
The above will was duly proven in open court and ordered to be recorded.
H.S. Reeves, C.C.C.
Will of E.T. Landreth (Edwin Thomas, son of James)
North Carolina) June 24th, 1861

Alleghany County)
We the citizens of Alleghany County, N.C., E.T. Landreth and William Whitehead, I the said E.T. Landreth as a volunteer of this county, do choose Wm. Whitehead as my choice to attend to my land and property and debts as I do direct him here below. He promises me to attend to it as I want it so I will write it down how I want it done.
This is to be held as a bond by some man that if I never get back they must see that he does as I direct. I have one hundred and sixty-five acres of land on Pine Swp which I want Wm. Whitehead that if I don’t come back to sell this land and pay the taxes and trouble for selling and the rest of it to go to David M. Landreth or his heirs. Then I have 54 acres of land that my father lives on. I want my father and mother to live on this land as long as they live. I don’t want my mother to be turned out of house and home. And if my father will pay David Maxwell the balance that I owe him, he is to have the land as his own provided he won’t sell the land in Mother’s life time and if he won’t pay the debt, I want the land divided between my three sisters at home and them to share alike. And my mare and colt to be sold and my debts paid and if there is more than will pay debts and trouble of my property, Wm. Whitehead may not sell my mare and leave her with my Father and Mother their lifetime here. And his increase if Father will put them to a good use he may have them and if he don’t he hant (?) to have them and my colt.
I want Nancy and Rachel, my two sisters, to have the two yearlings, Nancy the oldest and Rachel the youngest. And my Mother to have the cow as long as she lives. I want these to belong to them and never to be sold for no debt no way nor no how. And the balance of my property I want to stay here with my people and them to make use of it. I want Wm. Whitehead to attend to all my business as an executor or administrator that if I never get back I want him to sell and pay all debts and the rest to be divided as I have said and this to be witnessed and handed to some man who will have it done as I directed it to be done. This the 24th of June 1861.
/s/ E.T. Landreth

Daniel Whitehead

H. Cheek
North Carolina) Court of Pleas and Quarter

Alleghany County) Sessions, April term 1863.
The above will is duly proven in open court by the oath of H. Cheek and Daniel Whitehead and ordered to be recorded.
H.S. Reeves, Clerk

Note: E.T. did not return from the war.

In the name of God, Amen. I David Cox of the County of Ashe and State of North Carolina, being very weak in body but of perfect mind memory, Truth be given unto God, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is pointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say:
Principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that give it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried decent christain burial, at the discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general necessities I shall receive the same again by the Almighty power of God and touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to help me in this life, I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.
Item first, I make and appoint my son George R. Cox and my son-in-law John Gambill to be my executor and executrix of this my last will and testament, all my debts to be paid in the first place and my estate to be divided as follows:
1 Item. I bequeath to my daughter Pegga Gambill, wife of John Gambill, a negro woman named Rachel, after my death, and a large oven, a pewter basin and dish.
2 Item. I bequeath to my daughter Jane Crouse, wife of John Crouse, a negro woman named Violet and one hundred dollars at my death to be paid. Fifth dollars to be paid by my son George R. Cox and fifty dollars to be paid by my son-in-law John Gambill to be paid in one year after my death to be paid to John Crouse.
3 Item. I bequeath to my son George R. Cox a negro boy named Nat, after my death, two cows and calves, two heifers one three years old and the other going on two years, my cupboard and chest, my blacksmith tools, my table and little trunk. My bed and furniture to my grandson David Reed Cox, sone of Geo. R. Cox after my death.
4 Item. I bequeath to my son John R. Cox one horse and cow and a stion (stallion?), my Big Bettle, my geese, my pot backs and pot hooks, my pewter plates, one old skillet and an old over.
And any of the legatees is dissatisfied with this my last will, they are not to have any more than what they have already got from me, and I also hereby utter, disallow, and revote and disannul all and any other from, testament, will legansus (?) bequeath and executed by me as anywise before named will and testament bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this, and no other, to be my last will and testament, in witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand and seal 26th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven.
/s/ David Cox
Signed, sealed and published, pronounced and delivered by said David Cox as his last will and testament tin the presence of us who in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.
Geo. W. Reeves

T.C. Douglas

Saml Cox
(David Cox will continued)
North Carolina) Court of Pleas and Quarter

Alleghany County) Sessions

April term 1862.
The within will was duly performed in open court and ordered to be recorded.

Test: H.S. Reeves, Clk

by A. Gentry, J.P. (?)
Note: David Cox seems to have written this will himself as the handwriting is the same as his signature script. Written 26 Oct. 1857, recorded April 1862.

July the 30th A.D. 1860. I, Sarah Holbrook, of the County of Alleghany and State of North Carolina, being in sound mind and memory, Blessed BE God, do make my last will and testament in the way and manner hereafter described.
In the first place my will is that my administrators pay all of my just debts and of my estate,
2nd my will that David Holbrook’s children shall have the following property, that is to say that John and Kelly and Rieves have a bed apiece and that my adisters divide and sort out the bed clothing so as to make the three beds as nearly equal as possible and that little Jesse be made equal with the other three boys out of such other things as there my be left over in the divide of the beds and bedsteads. I want little Kelly to have the bed and bedstead that was his Uncle Kelly’s and I will little Sarah Jane as much o my things such as clothing and other things about the house, if enough, to make her equal with the four boys. And if not enough things about the house to make Little Sarah Jane equal wit the rest, then she is to be made equal out of my things left to my estate.
5th my will is that Susannah Higgins have one coverlid, the new blue spotted coverlid and after this if there be anything left I want it to be equally divided between the five children and David Holbrooks and do appoint John Higgins my direct and lawful executor. Given under my hand and seal the day and date written above.


Sarah X Holbrook

Attest: B. Edwards

John Higgins
North Carolina) Court of Pleas and

Alleghany County) Quarter Sessions

January Term 1865
The written will was duly proven in open court by the oath of Berry Edwards the subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.
H.S. Reeves, C.C.C.
Note: Sarah was the wife of Larkin Holbrook. They were the parts of David and of Washington Kelly Holbrook who operated a harness and saddle shop beside his home on main street, Sparta.

12-17-1864 Richard Cheek. To all whom it may concern, I Richard Cheek of the County of Alleghany and State of North Carolina do hereby make this my last will and testament, that is to say I will and bequeath to my wife Jinny Cheek my lands and gold and silver plenty to her during her natural life.
At her death I will and bequeath to my sons Richard Cheek and Merideth Cheek my lands to be divided as follows: Beginning on a stake in the middle of the first old field east of the house, running a north and south line through the land Richard Cheek to have the eastern part and Merideth Cheek the western part. And at the death of my wife I want my heirs to choose three disinterested freeholders and have said lands valued and Richard and Merideth Cheek to pay a proportionable part to each one of my heirs.
My money, what is left at the death of my wife Jenny Cheek to be equally divided between my heirs Richard Cheek, Merideth Cheek, Henderson Cheek, Gilly Edwards, Wady Course, Pinky Blevins, Martha Richardson and heirs of Chesley Cheek, dead.
One cow and 6 hogs to be sold in October 1865 and the money equally divided among the above-named heirs. My household, kitchen furniture, one bed and stead and bed clothes enough for the part to be equally divided between my four daughters: Gilly Edwards, Wady Crouse, Pinky Blevins and Martha Richardson.
Given under my hand this the (27) twenty seventh day of December 1864.


Richard X Cheek

Witness: James Andres

Wm. H. Joines
State of N.C.) Court of Pleas

Alleghany County) Quarter Sessions

April term 1866
The foregoing will is duly proven in open court by the oaths of James Andres and Wm. H. Joines, the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
C.G. Fawlkes, Clerk

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