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Basic Training in LENS Fundamentals: 3 Day Pre-conference Training


The LENS form of Neurofeedback has been in development for about seventeen years, and now has achieved a reliable protocol, and training procedure. It is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most effective treatments for generic CNS dysregulation. It has shown extreme effectiveness in work with very small children with CP, or PDD, and even animals. It helps with attentional problems and autism, anxiety and depression, and is possibly the premier treatment for TBI, and PTSD. The method also has considerable potential for aiding optimal performance.In this three day training for professionals, Dr. Stephen Larsen will take beginning LENS students through the basic Intake Procedure (a little different for LENS than other forms of neurofeedback), the administration of the CNS Questionnaire, and the Sensitivity/Reactivity Questionnaire. How to run the basic computer programs of USE 3 and The Report Generator. Also covered are how to do and interpret the Offset Procedure and make a 21 site Topographic Brain Map, how to conduct treatments sessions, and evaluate the results of treatment.)

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