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The neurophysiological substrate of archetype


The functioning of the mind and brain imply memory function, and this short talk will focus on a mechanism for "memory"... from storage and retrieval, to short term and long term memory. The neurophysiological underpinnings of memory contain within the cognitive neuroscience some direct implications regarding a mechanism for archetypal memory. This talk will attempt to communicate some of the mystery and awe that are inherent to real neuroscience.


40 minutes

Learning Objectives:

The participant will identify the difference between semantic and episodic memory and match them with their EEG correlates.

Test Questions:

Theta is associasted with ADD/ADHD when it is:


B) Phasic

Theta is associated with good memory retrieval when it is

A) Phasic***

B) Tonic
Slower alpha is associated with memory

A) gains

B) losses*****

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Detailed Agenda:

40 minutes, straight talking and gesticulating, no breaks...

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