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Detailed Agenda:

Explanation of the use of 2-channel EEG for neurofeedback (60 minutes)

Demonstration of training protocols including Z Score training methods. (45 minutes)
Laboratory practical using BrainMaster EEG system with two and four-channel protocols including Z score training. (120 minutes)

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Advanced BrainMaster Workshop


This workshop will cover advanced BrainMaster training techniques including use of the Event Wizard, complex protocols, adaptive thresholding, connectivity training, z-score training, and MINI-Q based assessments.


Learning Objectives:

To understand the latest software capabilities in the BrainMaster Atlantis/3.0 system.

To use protocols for advanced training methods.

To use the Event Wizard, Multimedia Player, Flash Player, and other enhancements.

Test Questions:


Detailed Agenda:

Basics of folders and settings

Autothresholding and protocol design

2 channel protocols

Coherence and connectivity training

Event Wizard Designs

Adaptive Thresholding

Use of multimedia player

Use of Flash Player

Use of Z Score Training

Use of MINI-Q for assessments

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