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Duration: 30 minutes Learning Objectives

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30 minutes

Learning Objectives:

To articulate how classical and modern physics relate to the understanding of the brain and mind.

To describe how the connection between the mind and body, as classically understood, place a special challenge on physics, chemistry, and biology.
To describe how future developments in physics may impact our understanding of the mind, and the brain/mind connection
Test Questions:

1. Synchrony can be described as a form of:

A. Activation training

B. Relaxation training

C. Connectivity training

D. A and B

E. B and C
2. Davidson described which sustained rhythm in advanced meditators?

A. alpha

B. theta

C. beta

D. gamma
3. If bilateral alpha amplitude is uptrained, which of the following might result:

A. alpha coherence may increase

B. beta amplitude may decrease

C. theta activity may increase

D. all of the above
4. Collura found which of the following in a gifted clairvoyant?

A. Repetitive bursts of gamma at 6-7 per second

B. Repetitive bursts of alpha at 2-3 per second

C. Repetitive bursts of beta at 1 per second

D. All of the above
5. Sterman found which of the following in able pilots?

A. ability to cycle flexibly between relaxation and concentration

B. ability to sustain concentration for long periods of time

C. ability to focus on specific stimuli

D. none of the above

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