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Duration: 120 minutes Learning Objectives

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120 minutes

Learning Objectives:

1) Summarize the psychological & somatic characteristics of borderline personality disorder that are targeted by self-regulation.

2) List steps for applying biofeedback and self-awareness tools to treatment of borderline personality disorder.
Test Questions:

1) Borderlines are untreatable with self awareness techniques. False

2) Biofeedback is hard to use but effective in treating somaticized borderline patients. True

Detailed Agenda:

I. History and Rationale: Borderlines get a bad rap in Behavioral Medicine

II. Model: Deficits and defects in self awareness & self regulation as a core problem in borderline patients.

III Stages of treatment

* Rapport & Trust

* Self-monitoring & Soothing

* Affect differentiation and labeling

* Advanced self-awareness skills

* Transfer of training

IV Managing crises and special problems

Presenter: White, Nancy
Presenter Address:

1900 St. James Place, Suite 800

Houston, Texas 77056 United States

Phone: 713-962-5243

Fax: 713-552-0752


Professional Info:

Psychologist, License Number 2-3583, Licensed in Texas


Dr. Nancy White, a licensed psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Sex Therapist, stands as one of the original clinical practitioners of Neurotherapy. She is founder and Clinical Director of The Enhancement Institute in Houston, Texas. Dr. White is a Diplomate in Neurotherapy, a Quantitative EEG Diplomate, a Fellow of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation, a Fellow of the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America – EEG specialty, and a consulting editor for the Journal of Neurotherapy. She is author of a number of groundbreaking articles in the field, has contributed a chapter to the Academic Press book, Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback, edited by Evans and Abarbanel, and has presented at conferences and symposia both nationally and internationally. Dr. White is listed in Who’s Who In Medicine and Healthcare and in Who’s Who In America.


LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST State of Texas #2-3583, (exp. 02/28/06)LICENSED PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR (LPC) State of Texas #02335 (exp. 02/28/06)LICENSED MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST (LMFT) State of Texas #002039-002072 (exp. 02/28/06)ADVANCED ADDICTION COUNSELOR (AAC) State of Texas #1356-1000CERTIFIED NEUROTHERAPY INSTRUCTOR Neurotherapy Certification Board #1015CERTIFIED PEAK PERFORMANCE INSTRUCTOR Neurotherapy Certification Board #1015 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONSAmerican Psychological Association: Clinical MemberAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Clinical MemberQuantitative Electroencephalography Certification Board: Quantitative EEG Diplomate (QEEGD)American Board of Sexology: Diplomate and Clinical SupervisorThe American Academy of Clinical Sexologists: Clinical Fellow (FAACS)American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists: Diplomate - Certified Sex TherapistBiofeedback Certification Institute of America (BCIA): Certified EEG, FellowInternational Society For Neuronal Regulation: Clinical FellowNeurotherapy Certification Board: Diplomate in Neurotherapy #1039Neurotherapy Certification Board: Diplomate in Peak Performance #1014International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inc: Diplomate in Professional PsychotherapyThe Electroencephalography and Clinical Neuroscience Society: MemberNational Academy of Neuropsychology: Member The PAIRS Program: Master Teacher Consulting Editor, The Journal of Neurotherapy, Haworth Press


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