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Duration: 120 minutes Learning Objectives

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120 minutes

Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives

· Understand an overview of neo shamanism and altered states.

· Learn how modulated light forms, crystals and refined human awarness synergize to

create a visual resonance field, thereby transcending a normal subjective-objective oriented experience.

· Explore various psychological processing methods through trance meditation induction by

programmed light forms, color and spectacular quartz crystals.

· Understand how to use the physics of minerals and crystals to access resonant field knowledge

Test Questions:

Post test questions

What are the component factors of Visual Resonance Imaging and what is the

effect of Visual Resonance Imaging on subjective/objective perception?

What are motivations for alterning normal perception?

What are some of the properties of Quartz Crystals and how do these

properties affect human consciousness?

Detailed Agenda:

Detailed agenda

Workshop Outline

40 minutes-Part 1: Discussion/Lecture on Neo Shamanism, Physical properties of minerals and crystals and The Light Labyrinth Project

10 minutes-Brief Break
40 minutes- Part 2: Facilitated trance meditation with The Light Labyrinth and Music Visualizer
30 minutes- Part 3: Question and answer session with experiential feedback.

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