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Duration: 90 minutes Learning Objectives

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90 minutes

Learning Objectives:

1. List areas in which CARE has been utilized.

2. Describe how the CARE approach is used across different areas of application.

3. Describe how CARE is used as a form of training instead of treatment, even when therapeutic effect may be reported or observed.

Test Questions:

1. List the 16 concurrent targets of CARE.

2. The Adaptive Gabor Transform is used to derive the information in each target. (T/F)

3. The same sequence of ZenX Modes can be used across the range of areas in which neurofeedback training is offered.


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Detailed Agenda:

1. Overview of the CARE Approach to neurofeedback training

2. Aras of application

a. Sleep Disturbance

b. Chronic Pain

c. Attentional Concerns

d. Energetic Healing

e. Spiritual Transformation

f. Depression and related presentations

3. Summary and Integration

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