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Detailed Agenda:

1. Introduction and overview on Oriental medicine and diagnosis in particular-- 20 min.

2. Introduction and overview on electrodermal testing---20 min.

3. Presentation on EMAS device and software--10 min

4. Q&A--10 min.

5. Measurements on participant-volunteers--40 to 60 min.

6. If time permits, short qigong exercise following by measurement on a volunteer to observe any changes in the energy sysem upon intervention--15 min.

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Water---the Matrix of Life, and What to Drink to Stay Healthy


Water is more than just a carrier for the biomolecules in life. The greatest change in aging is not in your biomolecules, but in loss of water from your cells. Water’s ultrastructure and its special ability to store information, is the very basis of the living state. Water can be programmed with various frequencies that convey information useful for healing. The “best” water that you can drink to maintain hydration, remove toxins, stay alkaline, keep your cell membranes energized, and maintain the biofield, will be described. New developments in “designer water” will also be discussed.


40 minutes

Learning Objectives:

1. To describe the latest scientific knowledge of the structure of liquid water

2. To describe how water can be encoded with information carried by various frequencies

3. To explain how progressive dehydration occurs with age.

4. To describe why drinking microstructured alkaline water is most beneficial for increased hydration, detoxification, and anti-aging.

5. To enumerate the various factors that make bottled water less healthy to drink than point-to-use microstructured water.

Test Questions:

1. Why is poor water quality the biggest challenge to our health?

2. What is the state-of-the-art in water and water device technology to produce the best drinking water that is grounded in scientific theory and testing?

Batmanghelidj, F. Your Body's Many Cries for Water. Vienna, VA: Global Health Solutions, Inc., 1997.

Baroody, TA. Alkalize or Die. Waynesville, NC: Holographic Health Press, 1991.
Detailed Agenda:

1. Present new evidence from material science of the oligomeric structre of water--5 min.

2. Present evidence from biophysics of the subtle energy-with-information storage capacity of water--5 min.

3. Present overview on physical properties of water--5 min.

4. Present subtle energetics of water--5 min.

5. Present use of water in human body, and progressive dehydration--5 min.

6. Present results of studies on bottled water--5 min.

7. Present details about microstructured alkaline water, in terms of properties and observed effects on blood.--10 min

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