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Duration: 120 minutes Learning Objectives

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120 minutes

Learning Objectives:

1. To describe how the acupuncture system of meridians and acupuncture points is fundamental to a holistic view of life.

2. To describe how acupuncture works.

3. To describe the concept of qi or subtle life energy, yin/yang, 5-elements, and their principles in Oriental Medicine

4. To explain the essential discoveries behind electrodermal testing and how it evolved to the present time.

5. To explain how the EMAS devic works and what information it can reveal about health and wellness.

Test Questions:

1. What is electrodermal testing? What kind of information about health does it reveal?

2. What is the EMAS and how is it superior to other devices currently in use?

3. How can use of the EMAS show subtle energy excess, deficiency, or energy blocks?

4. What can be done about a client's energy imbalances, once they are elucidated by the EMAS?

5. What are the basic underlying principles of Oriental Medicine that all health practitioners should know?

6. To enumerate the reasons why electrodermal testing and specifically use of the EMAS can enhance or expand a holistic health practice.

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