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120 minutes

Learning Objectives:

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Presenter: Raaymakers, Molly
Presenter Address:

3310 Eagle Park Drive, Suite 105

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525 United States

Phone: 616.940.9870



Professional Info:


Molly Raaymakers, MA, LLP has a private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She began as a Biofeedback Therapist for Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Pain & Headache Program 1993. She joined S.M.M.M.H.C Wege Institute for Holistic Medicine in 1999, establishing her private practice in 2002.



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Neurofeedback and Asthma: Is asthma the undetected variable dragging out your cases?


The domination of asthma in my Midwestern region plays a clear role in multiple Bi-polar, ADD/ADHD, Mood Disorder, Migraine and TMJ cases. On average 66% of cases annually display amplitude variances correlated with allergies observable in their EEG's. Of those cases, 45% have poorly managed/undiagnosed asthma perpetuating presenting mental health issues.Understanding how to detect and assist with respiratory management, combined with Neurofeedback accelerates resolving outcomes. EEG baselines can track asthma and offer clarity on mental health struggles. Interlacing Neurofeedback to stabilize conditions and educate families; recognizing these respiratory cues verses emotional deficits has proven critical for many.


120 minutes

Learning Objectives:

1. list allergy and asthma symptoms

2. review EEG in cases asthma variables perpetuated emotional/cognitive/behavioral symptoms

3. discuss how respiratory difficulties intertwine with other presenting disorders

4. explain 'respiratory effort breathing' effects on quality sleep

5. identify tools for monitoring and managing respiratory factors

6. combine respiratory knowledge with Neurofeedback training to accelerate case outcomes.
Test Questions:


Detailed Agenda:

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