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Neurofeedback with Young Children


There has been some controversy within the neurofeedback community regarding the possibility of working with children under 6 or 7 years of age. Our clinical experience over the last 20 years is that even very young children are able to effectively engage with and benefit from neurofeedback. This follows from a model of neurofeedback as a simple brain exercise leading to improved self-regulation of brain states. In the first few years of life our brains are learning basic self-regulation of physical, emotional and physiological states. If that development is not on track, it is useful to intervene as soon as possible in order to provide a better foundation for later development.In this workshop, we will discuss why we might work with young children and what outcomes are expected. We will review our clinical experience with young children and infants who are brain injured, developmentally delayed or dangerously hyperactive, agitated or aggressive. We will also discuss in detail appropriate neurofeedback protocols and feedback modalities, as well as communication and assessment during and between sessions.

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