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More Effective Neurofeedback with Very High-Arousal Clients: Going Below 0-3 Hz


High-arousal neurofeedback clients have continued to challenge us over the years to develop techniques that are sufficiently calming. Each new approach has extended our reach, but also revealed a population that could benefit from even more calming. This past year has seen another breakthrough in our ability to help a broader spectrum of high-arousal clients and to impact them more profoundly. We are now achieving greater clinical success with symptoms of autism, reactive attachment disorder and childhood bipolar disorder, as well as severe pain, anxiety and sleep disorders, In this presentation we will discuss a model of reward frequency related to individual arousal level. The use of reward frequencies below 0-3 Hz for some individuals will be described for inter-hemispheric and for left and right-hemisphere neurofeedback training. Implications of this new low frequency training for the clinical model will also be discussed.

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