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Detailed Agenda:

Introduction--30 minutes

Videotape of Merkur lecture--45 minutes

Workshop audience discussion--45 minutes

Presenter: Brown, Valdeane
Presenter Address:

16-21 Dallas Rd

Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4Z9 Canada

Phone: 250 483-4146

Fax: 815.361.9192


Professional Info:


Dr. Valdeane W. Brown is an internationally recognized "trainer of trainers", who teaches and consults widely on personal and organizational transformation and computer systems. With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a background in math, physics, computer programming, philosophy, yoga, meditation and martial arts, Dr. Brown brings a presence and precision to his work, informed by a deep sense of compassion, a profound facility with energy dynamics and commitment to revealing the elegant simplicity inherent in learning and transformation. Developer of the Five Phase Model and co-creator with his wife Sue of the Period 3 Approach to Clinical Neurofeedback, Dr. Brown has realized his vision of a truly comprehensive training system in NeuroCARE Pro©, which he personally designed and implemented, meticulously integrating it with Sue’s practical wisdom and experience. Dr. Brown provides comprehensive training, consultation and supervision to fellow professionals and healers as well as his clients, and is frequently called upon by colleagues to assist in resolving difficult clinical situations. His vision in bringing NeuroCARE Pro® to the world is to make personal transformation effortless and available to all.


VALDEANE WELDON BROWN, Ph.D.Inactive PsychologistZengar Institute... Rhythms For Living21 Dallas Road, Suite 16 Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4Z9Voice (250) 483-4146 Fax (250) 483-4148E-mail: val@zengar.comPsychology License #: PS – 004409L Pennsylvania EDUCATION:Ph. D. DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY May 1986 (Psychology, Pittsburgh, PA Clinical) Department of Psychology. Dissertation Research: "Therapists' Strong Reactions” M.A. DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY July 1979 (Psychology) Pittsburgh, PA Department of Psychology.B.S. GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY May 1976(Psychology) Washington, D.C.CAREER EXPERIENCE:Co-Founder and ZENGAR INSTITUTE…Rhythms for Living 1996-presentDirector of Port Jefferson, New YorkEducational Services A Psychological Services OrganizationIndependent PSYCHOLOGY 1985-present Practice Various locationsDirector of SHARON REGIONAL HEALTHCARE 1991-1995Psychological Sharon, Pennsylvania Services

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