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Psychoneurenergenetics and Neurofeedback : A Bridge Between East and West?


This workshop is designed to provide the neurofeedback provider with a radically different view of the therapeutic approach to the neurofeedback training process and it’s relation to ancient mental training practices, like mindfulness meditation.


240 minutes

Learning Objectives:

Participants will leave with:

1. tools for implementing the psychoneurenergetic approach in their everyday practice

2. ways to aid clients to solidify gains through home practice (relax response, mindfulness)

3. tools for effecting personal transformation in their roles as practitioners

4. a deeper understanding of psychoneurenergetics as a potential field

5. an update on the current discussions between western neuroscience and Buddhist meditative practices: similarities and differences

6. the potential role for ancient mental practices as integrative healing methods

Test Questions:

1. Name two ways to implement the psychoneurenergetic approach to neurofeedback session.

2. Name the two home practices used to solidy gains.

3. Describe one of the two home practices in psychoneurenergetics.

4. What are the features of psychoneurenergetics that define it as a distinct field of study?

5. Name two differences and two similarities between western neuroscience and Buddhist meditative practices.


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2. The Relaxation Response, Benson, H., William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York, 2000
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