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Turning Point - untapped potentials for stories.


Peter McGugan Turning Point - untapped potentials for stories.Everything you perceive is a story. Your accumulation amounts to your Life. Peter McGugan is a trend tracking, best-selling author that meeting planners have rated among the top ten motivational speakers in America. He’ll pop your top with insights into the untapped potentials of stories. He’s an in demand reinventionist, advisory board member, think tanker and motivational speaker. As the president of the highly successful recovery agency “Sobriety 911” he resolves addictions by teaching people to change their story. His latest book is “When Something Changes Everything” a guide for reinvention. You’ll experience new ways to participate in the story of this era, business opportunities you’re probably missing and thoughts for mobilizing the potentials of story for the highest good. He's a speaker, writer, storyteller, performer futurist and he'll show you ways to tell and sell your stories and story perceptions that are just now emerging. This is the presentation the buzz will be all about and he’ll only create this turning point once.


45 minutes

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Presenter: Melillo, Robert
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2805 Veterans Memorial Hwy

Ronkonkoma, New York 11779 United States




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