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Increase Three Factors Critical for Job Productivity and Enjoyment


Have you ever wondered how to keep employees interested in and engaged in their jobs? Are you yourself sometimes bored or detached from your work? Here we examine three techniques to increase employee engagement - whether you're the employee or the employer.


30 minutes

Learning Objectives:

* People will be able to give an example of one of their strengths.

* People will be able to explain their own explanatory styles.

* People will be able to summarize some techniques for making work more interesting to employees.

Test Questions:

* What is one of your strengths?

* What is your explanatory style?

* What two factors are most correlated with employee interest in the job and with low turnover?


"Now, Discover Your Strengths" by Clifton and Buckingham

"Learned Optimism" by Seligman

"Character Strengths and Virtues" by Peterson

Detailed Agenda:

30 minutes....

5 min intro, 10 min strengths, 10 min optimism, 5 min closing

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