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The canonisation of Marcellin Champagnat encourages us to take a look back at the highlights of the first half of the 19th century, and at the social mentality and religious spirituality of that period which left their mark on him. Even if his seminary formation did not leave obvious traces in his sparse writings, it strongly influenced him in the way he applied himself to his priestly ministry. His immediate successors were able to detect this influence in his conversations and personal example, and they have passed it on to us in their writings. Although it is secondhand testimony, we can still deepen our knowledge of it through a patient analysis already begun in previous issues of Marist Notebooks. We will continue to analyse it in this current edition. We present the following summary:
Rev. Bernard BOURTOT, S.M. Marcellin Champagnat, Marist Father 5
Br. Paul SESTER, F.M.S. Father Champagnat’s Marist Apostolic Spirituality 11
Br. André LANFREY, F.M.S.

Some Teachings of Father Champagnat in "Avis, Leçons, Sentences” 19

Br. Paul SESTER, F.M.S. Br. Francois, Retreat Notebooks 61
Br. Alexandre LEFEBVRE, F.M.S. Marist Past Students 73
DOCUMENT: Br Francois, his Concept of the Superior. 103

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