Present tenses

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Verb Tenses – 9th grade – 2015


Present Simple

Use for:


Key Words & Notes:

Habits/Repeated Actions

I go to mass every week.

I always do my homework.

Every day, every week, usually, often, always, never

Scheduled events in the near future

The train arrives at 3:00 p.m.

When does the class begin?

These events are officially scheduled



California is in the United States.

Cats like milk.

Agustina has blonde hair.

Josefina lives near the school.

Note: “stative verbs” can never be in continuous form:

I believe in God.

I like the color red.

  • Stative Verbs:

Some verbs are not normally used in continuous tenses because they don’t describe actions, but states. They refer to:

Think: believe, imagine, know, understand

Emotions: hate, like, love, prefer, satisfy, want

Download 213.75 Kb.

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