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The United States will remain a dominant global power

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The United States will remain a dominant global power. The U.S. will retain its position as a leader in technological developments in medicine and agriculture. The U.S. will also continue to empower other nations and spread democracy, but our dominant world position will continue to breed resistance, resentment, and competition.
EU regulations and consumer preferences will continue to impact world agricultural production systems. The expanded European Union will remain a huge market for global agriculture.
Increasing “South-South” dialogue in trade and political forums will increase the influence of China and India on other developing nations and enhance their global clout. The next decade will see the emergence of China as a growing challenge to US dominance.
Water issues will become increasingly important domestically and internationally. There will be increasing pressure on fresh water supplies, and less water will be available for agricultural uses. Overall world fresh water quality will decline. Linkages between water conservation, new agricultural technologies, and no-till agriculture will become increasingly important.

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