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Agriculture and food system uncertainties

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Agriculture and food system uncertainties.

How will agricultural land use change over the next decade? What proportion of agricultural land will continue to be used for food production versus other uses? Economics or technological innovations could drive significant expansion of crop production for bio-energy, industrial feedstock purposes, or other novel uses. Could such uses change the overall economics of commodity production? What will be the global distribution of large-scale bulk commodity production in a decade? Will new transgenic crops that are commercialized be mostly intended for bulk use or will there be increasing commercialization of products for niche markets?

Down the food chain, actions by major players in the food system could dramatically alter the landscape for new transgenic products. Food franchises, supermarket chains, and mega-retailers will evolve over the next decade. What will they look like, how much consolidation (or global expansion) will there be, what will the future companies look like, and what will be their attitudes towards products containing transgenic-derived ingredients and what ingredients will be generated that may influence consumer attitudes?

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