Preparing for the Future

Environmental uncertainties

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Environmental uncertainties

Will serious effects of global warming become pressing within the next decade? What will be the price of fuel or energy? Will agricultural systems be increasingly looked at as solutions to global problems, such as energy needs or global warming?

Consumer uncertainties

The public’s receptiveness to increasingly novel products that may come to market is unknown. Such products could include transgenic animal-derived products, plant-derived food products engineered to offer specific health benefits to consumers, and plants and livestock producing pharmaceutical and industrial compounds. Will such products drive consumer acceptance or raise new concerns and/or resistance?

Will consumer opinion regarding biotechnology remain changeable, or will views harden? Will there be a consumer backlash against the market power of some large conglomerates? Will concern over the implication of other applications of new technologies, e.g., human cloning, spill over into perceptions related to the use of transgenic organisms in agriculture?

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