Preliminary Syllabus 21W. 749 Documentary Photography and Photo Journalism: Still Images of a world In Motion

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Week 1 – Introduction to the course, course materials, and subject. Discussion of slides and photographs – Discussion of Documentary Photo Project;

Assignment for Week 2 – First half of Sontag; Richards and Salgado interviews in Ken Light book.

Week 2 – Showing of War Photographer, a documentary about the work of James Nachtwey, and discussion of the documentary, in light of what you will have read of Sontag.

Assignments for Week 3 – Second half of Sontag and Sontag papers due by midnight Friday to the Stellar site. (Bring hard copies to class)
Week 3 – Further discussion of Sontag and Sontag papers; discussion of proposed

projects; presentation of work of Salgado and Richards, and work of Charles Moore introduced. PAW1 and Framing assignment due to Stellar site by midnight Friday before class 4.

Assignment for Week 4 – Final project proposal due.

Week 4 – Discussion of Richards work in light of Sontag; final go ahead on projects

Assignment for Week 5 –Richards/Salgado paper due; PAW and Space Ship due Stellar site Friday midnight before class 5.
Week 5 – Discussion of Richards and Salgado papers and work of Charles Moore;


Assignment for Week 6 – First half of Coles; PAW due at Stellar site midnight Friday before class 6
Week 6 – Discussion of objectivity in documentary photography; PAW discussion.

Assignment for Week 7 – Second half of Coles; Coles paper due at Stellar site midnight Friday before Class 7, and bring hard copy to class;
Week 7 - Discussion of Coles paper and theories of Coles and Sontag, as applied to the

work in Magnum book and work of Charles Moore. PAW discussion.

Assignment for Week 8 – Initial rough images of project photos due to Stellar site WEDNESDAY 5 PM before Class 8;
Week 8 – Discussion/criticism of initial project work; PAW discussion.

Assignment for Week 9 – PAW due at Stellar site Friday midnight; Draft of project text due WEDNESDAY 5 PM before class 9;
Week 9 - Discussion of the photojournalism in Pulitzer and Magnum collections;

discussion of project draft texts; PAW.

Assignment for Week 10 – Shooters paper due Friday midnight; final project photo selections due to Stellar site WEDNESDAY 5 PM before class 10.
Week 10 – Discussion of Shooters papers; discussion and criticism of project selections.

Assignment for Week 11 – Work on project;

Week 11 – Discussion of Projects

Assignment for Week 12 – Final Project Due

Week 12 – Presentation/critique, of final projects.

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